Monthly Archives: May 2016

EBF5: Spell Gifs

I’m still working on spell animations. I’m not sure yet if I want to reveal them all or keep them secret until the battle system is ready. I’m really happy with how most of them turned out – a lot of the old spells feel fresh again after a few changes. I’ve got around 200 animations finished in total.

For now I’ll just share some gifs of a few of the new spells.
geopresent geo2 wind

EBF5: Weather

Hey guys. I’ve finished the animations for weather conditions, and I’ll take a moment to explain weather in EBF5.

What weather does is have a constant effect in battle – at the start of every turn you’ll get a quick weather animation and some effects. Stuff like status effects, buffs, debuffs, or damage. It’ll affect both players and foes, so it can make the battle either harder or easier, depending on your equips and what foes you are fighting. For example: Cherry Blossom weather could buff everyone’s magic attack every turn. Rainy weather would get everyone wet.

Weather will change randomly over a long time – maybe every 20 minutes or so, or after 2 or 3 battles. Each area will have a few weather conditions, and you’ll either have to change your strategy a little bit, or go do something else while you wait for more favourable weather. What it essentially means is that if you replay the game (or even just redo a battle after a game over), the battles will have a different flavour to them and things should be less repetitive.

That’s probably as much as I can say now, the details will be figured out during beta testing, a long time from now.