EBF5: Spell Gifs

I’m still working on spell animations. I’m not sure yet if I want to reveal them all or keep them secret until the battle system is ready. I’m really happy with how most of them turned out – a lot of the old spells feel fresh again after a few changes. I’ve got around 200 animations finished in total.

For now I’ll just share some gifs of a few of the new spells.
geopresent geo2 wind

23 thoughts on “EBF5: Spell Gifs

  1. Shraderc.inc

    love the exploding gift like maybe :love2: it will have an high accuracy and stager chance but not as much damage

  2. XD

    Matt, if you plan to make Bullet Heaven 3. Can you add these
    1.Beasteria: It can show we how those enemy attack
    2.Upgrade: These will make we more storger
    So, i hope you can add it if you do :yay:

  3. Nachoelkawaii

    This is very cool,i want to play it.Nice work

  4. Aysu

    OMG Those bones and the wind attacks are so cool! Also, is the present going to have an awesome/funny sound effect when it blows up? Like cheering or a party horn noise?

  5. Karyete

    I’m gonna take a stab in the dark here and say that the gift attack doesn’t JUST explode…?

  6. Bygraver

    im not sure if its just because of layout of the gifs but will the party be able to appear on the left and right side of the screen in battle? also that last skill that seems like a wing sword skill but there is 2 variations? is the one that leaves a dirt trail is that a critical hit or is it just for show :yay:

    Playstation Skill :stars:

  7. HannaDianaMagic

    However, I’d like to ask if the foe competition is over.
    Is it?
    I had a few more ideas, but since I’ve got a lot of work lately I couldn’t finish drawing all of them . I come up with an idea almost every day, but I think it’s over.

    So, answer , please, my question.
    I am going to do a lot of artwork of EBF in the summer, when I ‘ll surely have time.
    I hope you finish with this game as soon as possible. Good luck! :smirk:


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