EBF5: Weather

Hey guys. I’ve finished the animations for weather conditions, and I’ll take a moment to explain weather in EBF5.

What weather does is have a constant effect in battle – at the start of every turn you’ll get a quick weather animation and some effects. Stuff like status effects, buffs, debuffs, or damage. It’ll affect both players and foes, so it can make the battle either harder or easier, depending on your equips and what foes you are fighting. For example: Cherry Blossom weather could buff everyone’s magic attack every turn. Rainy weather would get everyone wet.

Weather will change randomly over a long time – maybe every 20 minutes or so, or after 2 or 3 battles. Each area will have a few weather conditions, and you’ll either have to change your strategy a little bit, or go do something else while you wait for more favourable weather. What it essentially means is that if you replay the game (or even just redo a battle after a game over), the battles will have a different flavour to them and things should be less repetitive.

That’s probably as much as I can say now, the details will be figured out during beta testing, a long time from now.


54 thoughts on “EBF5: Weather

  1. Shraderc.inc

    i know you said you need time and please, give this game all of your time and skill but… MORE, god i cant wait for the next one

  2. RSC

    Could the wether also be used on the map ?
    Like for example, a windmill that would turn during windy weather, a river with more or less water when raining or drought, NPCs putting on warmer cloth or returning home when snowing…

    This could also be used for secrets in a lot of ways.
    (NPC can grind flour, Blocking path NPC temporarily removed, quest for umbrella with time limit, secret ford only passable during drought, items only sold during certain wether…)

  3. Thrynity

    I think some weather change could not be related to an elements in particular, by exemple “Curative Aura” after Nathalie’s Limit break
    Or when a boss charge a “one shoot” capacity, the weather should show that you are in great danger

    1. FieryLord

      green leaves
      fire rain
      water rain
      holy cristals
      sand storm
      I dont know what for the factory and cave biome

      1. Thrynity

        I think for factory you could put “acid rain (poison)” or “smog (darkness)”
        For the cave, stuff like “Earthshake” who would sometime shake your screen and make some rock particles falls, would improve earth attack


  4. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Someone else here posted it, but I’ll add my two cents as well. I like the idea of skills / summons / monster abilities changing the weather on you. I remember a few monsters doing a sort of rainstorm that would heal them… maybe the rainstorm could persist?
    Or like the other guy mentioned, Lance droppin’ his Nuke could add a fallout weather effect for the rest of the battle (unless changed somehow), and it would poison the group at the end of every round (would make you think carefully on using it, powerful as it may be).

    Maybe Anna gets a sort of Zelda “Song of Storms” skill that does nothing more than add rain.
    Possibly things that cause certain weather effects are negated depending on the area: can’t summon rain in the volcano, or a sort of holy weather effect in a dark void-area.

    Just spitballing a little. I see a lot of awesome possibilities in the context of weather. Keep up the awesome work, Matt. But hurry up, I wanna shove my money in your wallet. 😥 :love2:

    1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

      Also terribly unrelated question.

      …. Could we get Phyrnna as a DLC character for the premium? I ask because a guy I know wants to know if I.. I mean he… could expect that? If not a partner, maybe a summon? (her awesome music gives the group a couple rounds of reraise… more spitballing). :hurray:

  5. Shraderc.inc

    hmm seems strange that it would we raining cherry blossoms in a dead forest 😐

  6. TheaOchiMati

    Don’t you just hate it when you’re going for a nice walk but there are demons that keep popping their heads up from underground?

  7. Shraderc.inc

    hey if you guys didn’t notice, the faces leave a shadow after they sink back into the ground which then disappears when the animation restarts :shades:

  8. Rashtor

    :stars: Well, just when i thought that the game couldn’t be better, you had to add this… Gotta start saving for a better computer to get all of this on high quality :yay: You’re amazing bro, good luck.

    PD: Imagine a lava rain after the Ragnarok Limit Break. How would that look i wonder? :wut: ❓

  9. Kkots

    This looks like a really creative idea, definitely hyped to see how it will work out!
    Besides that, sad to hear about Flash’s graphical limitations. Although I do get to check out animations frame-by-frame when lag spikes kick in. Maybe you should consider using Starling for EBF5 like you did with BH2? That will improve performance and quality and also make looping weather anims possible.

  10. Spirare

    Neutral on weather.

    A bit off topic – Could you make all encounters (including path blocking ones and bosses) respawn eventually, just shifted to the side if they block a path so refighting would be optional? I always wanted to battle the Mighty Oak again when I was far enough in the game to challenge Godcat, just for fun.

  11. Shraderc.inc

    What the F*** was those faces coming out of the ground :scared: does this meant consistant cursing?!? NOoOOOOOOOOO 😡

    1. Sheep

      I think a low chance of instant death is a possibility, I would like challenge like that. Having more of those in higher difficulties in the graveyard/temple areas would be nice :yay:

  12. ZackBlueFire

    I know this is out of topic but… would it be cool if you added like a combo skills between characters like lets say a combo skill with matt and natalie or lance and anna? Another good idea is team limit break… That sounds cool
    To get the idea of what I am talking about try looking how Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1,2,3 do their Combo Ex moves

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      All of your skills are combo skills – your characters attack right after eachother.

  13. enrique

    It is a fantastic addition, no many Rpg games have weather status, I think that the game will be a good challenge if you continue like that :shades:

        1. Sirius

          :scared: No, or the battles world be impossible. If one person doesn’t attack because of freeze, doing it to everyone: WHAT DID YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN? 😡

  14. Anthony (Da_snyggin)

    This looks really nice! Something that could potentially work is if there were somewhat different encounters in battles depending on the weather, like maybe a certain type of enemy doesn’t like rain so whenever it rains you fight less of them than you otherwise would in the very same battle (based on the fact that battles will be on the world map and engaged like in EBF4) :smirk: :smirk:

      1. Karyete

        Thinking of it in reverse, it’d be pretty cool to see a rare enemy appear only in certain conditions. Maybe they drop some rarer loot, etc.

  15. Bygraver

    will there be any consumable items that force the weather to change? or certain skills? the enemy i did for the foe competition was heavily based off weather effects in the style of clouds so im so happy that weather is now a thing :love:

      1. someguy

        Limit breaks should affect weather too – You don’t usually see a lot of cherry blossoms right after a nuclear explosion.

        1. AmsunThales

          Lance: “Someone slipped those pink, flowery petal things into the warhead AGAIN! Anna, how many times do I have to say not to touch my-”
          Anna: “Your boy-toys, yeah, I got it.”

        2. gimmethegepgun

          So would Nuke cause the weather to become a Firestorm, Fallout, or Nuclear Winter?

  16. Jman37X

    Very interested to see what kind of weather conditions there are and what they will do, definitely a fan of this addition! :yay:

  17. Mechajin

    It’d be really nice if the weather effects were constant animations, especially the cherry blossom one. It’d make the battles look really pretty.

      1. Ancient Jumper

        Do you ever consider switching/learning to use Unity instead of flash?

        I know you have heard of how Krinkels and Swain from Project Nexus 2 switched to unity for a better support for their new game. The engine of flash is severely lacking so maybe? Just a thought.

        1. Matt Roszak Post author

          Nah, if I did that there’s a very high chance I’d never finish making the game. Flash’s limits keep me focused on gameplay.

          1. Radene

            Haha, I know what you mean. Sometimes being constrained is good for focus. Tho in my case it’s more of a storywriting thing.

    1. Nazgir

      Also looks like other things like the black popping creatures there would get incredibly annoying and distracting if left on permanently. I think the once per turn thing sounds fine.


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