EBF5: Sushi Cat

Sushi Cat will be an attack for NoLegs!
Thanks to Jimp and Armor Games for letting me use him.

I’m done with spell animations for now, so I’ll be going back to foes again.
I reckon EBF5 is around 17% done.

15 thoughts on “EBF5: Sushi Cat

  1. EliteMaster

    take your time kupo my birthday is on saturday it woulded be awesome if i coulded have it for then but no rush and have a good summer and keep on good work 😉

  2. Bygraver

    Yey! :yay: sushi cat this seems like an interesting skill would its power be the equivalent to the amount of food items you have in your inventory? im sure there would have to be a cap on that though else it would end up to powerful :smirk:

  3. Devin de Vries

    So this marks the first cameo appearance in the series, right?

    It’s pretty neat you got sushi cat in there. He look adorable. :smirk:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Nope, already did a few in the equips previews, including Blue Elephant.

      1. Devin de Vries

        Ah, I see. Yeah, I didn’t want to spoil myself with the full equipment previews. My bad.
        Still pretty excited to see those cameos in the game.

        And it’s a nice touch how both of those characters are from games on armorgames as well. (You probably did that intentionally, didn’t ya ;p)
        (btw; Are the sushi cat and blue elephant games also playable on Kongregate? I don’t know, I never visited the website.)

      2. Thrynity

        EBF1 is full of cameo ^^
        But by the way great job

        Nolegs is here since… Brawl ?
        Always loved this Cat but is never enougth in the game (exept for bullet heaven 1&2) :stars:
        I really cant this cat-racter as a playeable players but I feel like it would be hard to found spell :yay:
        maybe a Cat-astrophe (EBF1) limit break ^^ joking joking :hurray:

  4. Shraderc.inc

    very cool, so will nolegs use heals and be a battle mage? like he uses magic but it is linked to physical attacks?


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