Bullet Heaven 2 – Beta

Update: The final version is up on Kongregate now!
This beta is now outdated and you shouldn’t play here anymore.
Use the save transfer tool from the options menu to move your data.

The major changes since the last beta are:
• Languages have been added! If you speak Spanish, Portuguese, German, or French, please play in that language and let me know if there’s any major problems with the translation. Also let me know if the game doesn’t automatically select the correct language at the start.

• The final boss has been upgraded in difficulty and impressiveness, and some of the later levels have also been made slightly harder.

• Tons of controller related bugs have been fixed. Please try playing the game with an Xbox360/one or PS4 controller, and let me know how it goes.

• The look of the menus has changed, and there’s been a lot of small improvements to them.

• You can now backup your saves from the options menu, or move them between different versions of the game. Try it out!

• Tons of other bugs have been fixed. If you experienced a bug before, let me know if it still happens.

When giving feedback or reporting bugs, please give me as much related information as possible. (particularly what options you have set, what level you were playing, etc)
Screenshots can also be very helpful.