7 thoughts on “Fanart: Matt and Lance

  1. alex

    Still, Matt in the second version of the game is new game plus gonna be repaired ❓

    1. alproy

      I hope so, he made it like this “oh yah newgame+ exist” but it doesnt do anything

      also i reached wave 77 with nolegs and matt only ^_^

      (thats nothing to wave 111 in 4 when i did it with ONLY matt) :yay:

  2. Sticks

    I mean yeah they might’ve just used some pencils but they did a great job either way making it look like something unique and really pop out.

    1. Mep

      The colouring just looks like coloured pencil to me, though I may be wrong, unless you meant more specific than that? If that is the case then I don’t know. Looks quite nice either way, I agree with you.

  3. alproy

    hey Matt, remember in EBF4 how the speed-runners used a method with Matt only? well i took it and pretty much one-shot everything in battle mountain and got to wave 111 (could get farther)

    and NOW, i do the same, but with no-legs n Matt only to make the run itself more easy, but the problem is SOMEONE made the min lvls be x/x/14/19/20 and thus ruins the low
    average, and because SOMEONE did the lvl up scaling bad since you’ll level up fast till the mystic woods and then you’ll reach lvl 30 and slow drastically to lvl up. :wut:
    and also everything you do in newgame+ is useless because the foe lvl stays the same, ANNND all the “beat rush/boss/mini-boss in epic” medals dont work (so yah you kind of made newgame+ and then forgot it)

    but this is fine! i will soon start run the dungeons on epic and hope for once more, reaching endless wave 111 (also can you make a leader-board on EBF4/5 what the highest runs achived in the endless?) :stars:

    edit: reached first dungeon and done snowflake while im endgame (38/38/14/19/20) and well.. it is a joke…. i cant one-shot them like in 4.. beacause in 4 it was like lvl 40 vs 13 foes while in 5 its 38×2 vs lvl 26 foes but im still optimal 😀

    1. BethTzya

      Boring, Boringer, Boringerst, don’t talk about these things, everyone wants to enjoy the game, not completing it and trow it away, so, just, don’t say this.


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