Christmas Giveaway Results

Hey guys, the Christmas Key Giveaway is now over, as today was the deadline for entering.
In the end, I gave out 45 Steam keys, with most of those being for EBF5. I ended up giving out so many keys because much more people entered than I expected – the post got over 1,100 comments, which is more than any previous year. Me and Ronja spent a few hours reading all of those comments!

If you are a winner, then I have already sent you an email (check your spam folder just in case).
Otherwise: Better luck next year!

I hope you all have good holidays and that Covid-19 doesn’t ruin your plans too badly.

Finally, here’s some festive fanart of NoLegs, by PathologicalLurker.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Giveaway Results

  1. leaf

    If you use a translator, the text may be awkward.

    The product was well received. I think it will be a good gift for my brother.


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