EBF5: Map Menu

The map menu is finished! And it only took about a day!
I’m really glad I put in the effort to make the map segments line up, and to make the paths very clear. Now it all shows up very well on these tiny screenshots, and there’s not a lot of tearing visible. All looks pretty natural.

Completed sidequests and the location of the next plot goal or key item are also marked on the map.
So no more excuses for getting lost. It’s not too hand-holdy though, since the goal is usually a few tiles into the fog and you have to figure out how to get there.

I started off drawing the map like in EBF4, before realising that it looks terrible and that screenshots work better – and are also much faster to do.

30 thoughts on “EBF5: Map Menu

  1. Drake

    This is “just” the Overworld map, right? We can expect it to be up to 2-times bigger considering there will(if I remember right) be a underground map? And also visible? The screenshots have another advantage, if you’re looking for details the area you’re looking for is much easier to find.

    And another suggestion, it might be just my preference, but if possible keep the final areas or last few chapters secret, it keeps the excitement at a high level, not exactly knowing what will await us there.

  2. DeadlyPhantom

    I never got confused by the map in ebf4 but ether way like the markers and love the map looks

  3. Jzen

    I’m excited to be able to play this game! 82% done! (As of the day this comment was made)
    I just have a few questions though;

    1.) Why is EBF4 laggy? My fps drops to ~15 and it slows down the game by more than half and it kind of ruins the experience, and I assume it would be the same for EBF5
    I’ve even tried using the lowest quality settings possible, yet it remains the same…. I don’t think it’s my laptop, since I have 4GB of RAM and looking at my task manager, the game doesn’t even consume 1GB of RAM while active. Do you know why this happens and how to fix it?

    2.) Is the game gonna be paid or free? EBF4 can be played for free on Kong, but it’s paid on Steam. I don’t know if it would be the same for EBF5

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      How old is your laptop? What’s your CPU like? The requirements are not low, but they’re not unreasonably high either.

      EBF5 will be released in a similar fashion to EBF4.

      1. Jzen

        My laptop is just about over 10 months old, and my CPU is an Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-5005U @2.00GHz, 2 Cores, and 4 Logical Processors
        The thing is, my really old PC, which is currently 9 years old, was able to run EBF4 smoothly about 4 years ago, but something happened and my old PC became incredibly trash (It took about 5 minutes just to start up Google Chrome and 8 more minutes to load up even YouTube)

        I really don’t know how or why my old PC which only had 512 MB of RAM used to have the ability to run EBF4 smoother than my laptop

        1. Dewayne

          The flash engine they run off is highly dependent on performance per core I believe. You can compare you new CPU to your old one at Passmark.com to see the difference between single core performances pretty easily by going to their CPU benchmark tab. I’m not sure if the games took advantage of more then 1 or 2 cores but my AMD A10 5800K Quad Core with a GTX 660 GPU still struggle to run either games unless the settings are all set to low or off. I suspect this one will be even harder to play then those because the screen resolution is basically going HD. Correct me if I’m wrong on that Matt, and I hope I am because this CPU still costs 20 dollars more then I paid for it 5 years ago, which is crazy.
          Also, those loading times you mentioned can be from a virus or simply just having too much stuff running at the same time without realizing it. My buddies cousin had a laptop that was starting to slow down and I took a look at it. When she opened up Firefox she had about 25 different add on bars on the top of it, taking up half the screen. Like, seriously? A fresh install of windows is always a good last ditch effort to get rid of virus’s before you trash the computer or possibly just cleaning out the dust from the heat sinks. Anyways, best regards, can’t wait for this game to come out.

  4. some dumb noob

    so I know almost nothing about game production, but just looking at this (the map itself looks awesome btw) the gray unrevealed parts of the map all seem to be individual pictures, IDK how long this would take and dont want to delay the game, but it seems like it would be pretty simple (and in my opinion look kinda cool) to have one large continuous image that sorta looks like swirling for or something for the parts of the map you havent been to yet, and that disappears as you find new areas .

    1. Epic Battle Fan

      I like the fog covering undiscovered areas idea! But, it would look weird with the 2D star markers since that would cause static and dynamic assets to overlap. Maybe Matt can find a workaround. :wut:

  5. Mathiau

    I “only” see 110 map screens, does that mean there are 84 map screens that are not showed on the map?

  6. Shraderc.inc

    Hoe-Lee-Shit this looks awsome, the shear scale and majesty of the world you are working on is like nothing you have ever worked on before i belive this is an apt reason for any sort of delay that you might have. keep up the amazing work

  7. Meiko Pfaffmann

    A little marker for sidequests that the player has already accepted would be helpfull.
    Not only one for completet ones.


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