EBF3 and EBFC translated to Chinese

Hey guys, Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and Epic Battle Fantasy Collection now have Chinese fan-translations on Steam.
You can enable them in the Steam client’s Betas tab.

I was not personally involved with this translation, but I’m happy to host it since there’s a lot of Chinese users on Steam.

I’ve translated the Steam store pages and Steam achievements too.
Entering the data for the achievements in every language is usually an incredibly tedious task, with hours of copy and pasting, but I’ve finally got round to automating it.

ChatGPT wrote a python script for me that extracts achievement names and descriptions from my ActionScript 3 code and lists them in plaintext. I then use Notepad++ to do a vertical column copy and paste right into Valve’s template .vdf file, and upload that. Pretty cool.

It sounds high tech, but I could have done this years ago without AI if I knew how to use regular expressions and python scripts. Would have saved 3 or 4 days of work over the last few years. Anyway, sometimes it pays to spend some time to learn new skills.