19 thoughts on “EBF4: Battle Mountain Preview 3

  1. Jays_Inc

    I was just wondering, are you a lone worker or are you a collaborative worker. If you’re lone then you’re doing a remarkable job.

  2. mschurma

    Hey there! This is my first comment ever on your site… so let me just say I absolutely love your game (as evidenced by me having a level 61 and a level 57 guy on my two laptops, and the highest all-time damage dealt on kong). I am soooo excited for this new content! 😀 Challenge mode sounds especially fun!

    Anyways, there’s a few glitches and comments I have..

    1.) If you go over 2.147B gold… your money goes to negative -2.147B and you have to work back to 0… so currently I’m at -1.5B or so and can’t buy anything 🙁 I figure this could easily be fixed in an update.

    2.) I think there’s a memory leak… or something.. with the final godcat battle. I run battles fine, except for when I linger on the godcat. Things get super laggy, even on low detail. I don’t know if others can confirm this or not, but it’s been an issue on multiple PCs for me. This isn’t a huge problem, but maybe if a fix comes to your mind you can test it.

    3.) I saw on the youtube from someone who hacked the game that if you kill the godcats in your intial encounters the game freezes. Also, in the bestiary, the godcats drop the unobtainable “Lance of Creation” and “Blade of Destruction.” Could you make it possible that killing of the godcats drops those specific items? I don’t know what code you used, so maybe it’s not workable, but hey. It’d give an exclusive benefit to someone like me who put a ton of time into the game to get high enough to kill them (instead of just hackers having them :bleh: ).

    I guess most of my comments are very, very endgame… but that’s what I’m up to. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this game. Definitely one of the best I’ve played. :yay:

    1. Gravmon

      I don’t think the god cat weapons are uncontainable I think they are one of those 0.0000001% chance drop items (just a geuss)

  3. metallica_dillon

    Hooray for mammoth murder! :yay: His fur will make the perfect earmuffs to drown out Natalie’s sobbing. :tongue:

  4. Gravmon

    So have you gotten anywhere on having Kongregate save the data for your games online for access on different computers


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