EBF4: Battle Mountain preview

Here’s two screens from the new area. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil the most interesting parts.
I’ve finished 9 out of 18 screens so far.


Oh look, one of those mazes where you can’t see the path, just like in those old NES RPGs.


Anna’s all by herself because the rest of the team haven’t been compiled.


18 thoughts on “EBF4: Battle Mountain preview

  1. JMS

    Also,even if we cant still get Blade of Destruction and Lance of Creation,why not give them to those cats? make them minibosses and allow the player to at least see those weapons in action even if they cant get them,hopefully Matt won’t just ignore my post…im not saying he must do this or that,all im asking for is his opinion,and whether it would be possible to do this or not.Cats in glowing,runic armor,wielding shields and those weapons,empowered by the might of their creator goddesses,ready to defend the temple with their lives…epic! :love2:

  2. JMS

    Those maybe,but i also have another idea,The Lightsworn and The Shadowsworn,the most devout of the godcats worshippers and followers,they have been gifted great powers over either the powers of creation or destruction,depending which of the godcats they have proven their worth to and dedicated themselves to. Full of raw power beyond words and comprehession,they are seriously going to kick your ass if you give them the chance,however,they are not as powerful as godcats,nowhere near as mighty as them,but allmighty regardless,compared to other cats at least

    1. JMS

      Remember those winged cat statues from temple? take normal kitten,give it wings,retexture it,and BAM,i read some post temple was missing normal enemies/minibosses/not having enough of them,so why not these?

  3. JMS

    I have an idea for the final area in the game,the Temple. You see,all those kitten Warriors are part of a single army,so i thought it was kinda wierd why they didn’t put up that much of a fight,you’d think they would mobilise their best troops to protect the temple of the godcat,afterall,she created the cats,adding some miniboss/es and normal enemies (far tougher than ordinary kitten warriors of course,elite troops of sort) to the temple would be great,this would be their final stand afterall,youd think they would go down fighting protecting their creator’s temple with their lives. All the while Van al Tag (Extended) plays in the background…badass i say! :shades:

    1. JMS

      (Sorry for double post) what i meant with elite troops,is not just more kitten warriors,maybe some sort of units they would field only on dire situations,the best of the best,the elite of the elite of the kitten army

      1. omt8

        So by elite of the elite you mean like special kittens for example kittens with better weapons like a bad ass flame-thrower or special powers like a saiyan kitten from dragon ball or an ender kitten from minecraft.

  4. Simone

    Hi i love so mutch your games, i’m italian i follow you since epic battle fantasy 1, but when ebf4 will be aviable on steam?? Thanks for the attenction. :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:

  5. CommentIsUnrelated

    “Oh look, one of those mazes where you can’t see the path, just like in those old NES RPGs.”
    Like Super Mario RPG? (please no)

  6. fgfeshka

    This maps:
    3.Very cool and beautiful. :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :stars:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      //I create movieClips like this:

      var class:Class = getDefinitionByName(“someMovieClip”);
      var mc:MovieClip = new class();
      } catch(e:Error){
      trace(“No such class exists.”);

      //It’ll throw an error if the movieClip was not “exported for Actionscript”
      //otherwise it will work normally

    2. Matt Roszak Post author

      Basically I check if movieClip classes exist at runtime, and not at compile time, so that the compiler doesn’t complain.

      1. Kkots

        Oh I get this! Thanks! :hurray:
        But I was much more concerned about movie clips that are pre-placed in Flash IDE, the movie clips which are exported to classes which actually contain code in their constructors, the movie clips that are, for example, a part of your level editor. Can they be omitted in compilation, too?
        Also ❗ , I really don’t understand how can you even tell Flash to not compile an asset without manually erasing its Linkage/”Export:” field, and later, when you need that asset again, re-typing the class into the field? I mean, is there a way to mass-omit lots of assets at once, easily?

        1. Matt Roszak Post author

          Just tick/untick the “export on frame x” box. You can do this for many clips at once without deleting the linkage fields. (at least you can in Flash CS6)

          I try to avoid pre-placing movieClips, unless they’re very simple ones. If they don’t have class names and aren’t created using code, then there’s not much I can do.

          1. Kkots

            Thanks very much! It worked in CS4. :smirk:
            You really are a good teacher, because you explain everything so understandably.

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