Monthly Archives: November 2020

EBF Collection: New Bullet Heaven Players

Hey guys, I’ve finished updating Bullet Heaven for the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection. The biggest new change is 4 new playable characters, but there’s also some new options, and some cryptic achievements have been made more fair.

You can watch me livestreaming the game here, and you can play this version of the game early on my Patreon. It’ll be out on Steam in a month or two.

Fanart: Beat Saber

Hiya Folks!

Matt found a couple of Phyrnna’s songs in Beat Saber last night and recorded himself playing through them for your viewing pleasure. We always figured that Phyrnna’s tracks would be perfect for Beat Saber and hopefully this will inspire more to pop up!

Edit to add: you can find the download links for both tracks here.

EBF Collection: Cat Cafe Done

Hey guys, I’ve finished updating Cat Cafe. This game was lost for a while since it was only published on Android, and has been removed a few years ago for not being kept up to date. I’ve made it much less grindy so you can complete it in under an hour, as it’s not really a game you want to be playing on a PC for too long. Also there was a bug that deleted your upgrades after a few sessions, so I doubt it was even possible to complete the original version unless you did it all in one go!

Next up, and last one: Bullet Heaven