BH2: Data Transfer

I’m working on a cool feature that EBF4 should have had: Data File Transfer!

You can now save your Bullet Heaven 2 data to a text file, and open it on another website, or in the Steam version, or just use it as a backup.

@LEJONRRUK on Twitter was the first guy to get all the achievements in BH2 (as far as I know), and it took him about 60 hours. So you’ll want to hold onto your data after that!

I’ll definitely keep this feature around for future games too. 😀

I also changed the menu style a bit!


12 thoughts on “BH2: Data Transfer

  1. Debbie

    Are you planning to do this for EBF4 as well? I’ve clocked 60 hours and I’m level 40 but my parents want to dump my computer – I’ve been hiding it all around the house 😥

  2. Allan

    That is a nice feature! Do you have any kind of security/hashing in there to stop people from editing the text file to give themselves unlimited coins or achievements?

  3. Bygraver

    Whooo! i really needed that in EBF4 :yay: but i haven’t played a lot of the beta to really be worth using it i just did the first world i wanted to wait for the full game and let everything else be a surprise 🙂


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