My Mario Maker Levels!

Hay guys! I’ve made my first 10 levels in Mario Maker!

Most of them are pretty hard (less than 10% success rate), so let’s start with an easy one:
Pipe Dream: CAC7-0000-0015-AEA2

A kirby themed level about airships, lots of cannons:
Invasion of Dreamland: 1489-0000-0043-A575

This one is tough, all about dodging fireballs:
Through the Fire and Flames: 6ED3-0000-0039-FEFF

Those are probably my favourite three, you can find my others from there.
Gib stars plz!

2015-09-20 20.29.16

6 thoughts on “My Mario Maker Levels!

    1. AidanLink

      Someone please donate to the people without Wii U’s or 3DS’s 😥 I dont have a Wii U either, I have a 3DS though so I cant wait to get the upcoming Animal Crossing game! You should as well Matt. Its not much, but it seems cool to me. :yay:


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