Sketches: Creatures

Drew a bunch of very different creatures.
Some of these are definitely gonna show up in EBF5!

Which one’s your favourite?


28 thoughts on “Sketches: Creatures

  1. Rebekkafire

    I love all of them (and all of your sketches), but the ice cream-slime was so cute! :love: :stars: :yay: :love:

  2. swarmalert

    i wanna see the ice cream/vanilla slime in EBF 5 for sure. BTW your games have always been the best web games ive ever played :yay:

  3. Zach

    I think the ice cream slime should be a summon. It would restore magic points because in ebf4 ice cream and sundaes restore magic points.

  4. Zeream

    + The bird is my favorite
    + I like the plant, its like some kind of an angry moldy sandwich, which is super cool! …forgive me…
    + The ice cream slime thing looks like it’s cone is some sort of disguised missile

  5. Alper Soylu

    hey Matt, I just wanted to say that I have some ideas for EBF5. Let’s start with new elements. Snow. It simply freezes the enemy. I mean freeze, it is not like ice. Ice makes enemy can’t do anything for 1 round and snow slows enemy. It will make their evade worse. Second, Acid. I think there should be a difference between acid and poison. Poison status effect lasts longer but acid’s do more damage. And third it will be earth, wood or something. There should be 2 different elements. One is Rock and the other Earth. Rock is the element like Matt’s attacks and the Earth is like Anna’s attack. Maybe there can be more elements but I dont have more ideas. And for elements, magical and phsyical attacks should have differences I think. And if the attack is phsical, the surronding of the element image can be different color like yellow and the magical’s can be red for example. I really want to see the character’s difference. Matt is OP with phsyical rock attacks, Natalie is OP with magical holy attacks etc. And I think the new game needs more characters. I have a character idea where he is a crazy scientist and he is OP with acid and status effects. We need like a lot new characters and maybe we can have them at the half of the game. There should be 5 characters in fights I think. For the supports, I have a really nice idea. Support characters won’t fight but they will make some of your elements better. Let’s say it is Anna, your earth and poison attacks will be better and evade will be higher, Natalie will make your magical attacks and magical defense better etc. And maybe characters only for support like Nolegs. Maybe they can deal damage when all of your characters turn is finished. And then we need story like Matt and Lance will fight because they both love Natalie and one of them will leave the party and come back later at the end of the game etc. And I want a new game after the end of the normal game which you will have all of the skills max etc and fights will be a lot harder. And please, make EBF5 a lot longer because I really love the series. I play at least 1 hour in one sit. Thanks for reading my ideas. Please reply me if you read that. :yay:

    1. TheOne2246

      Hot dang that was a lot, :scared: though I think there are enough elements but like where you are going. :shades:

      1. Alper Soylu

        Yeah I think there are good enough amount of elements but why not more? I want a lot characters like a Snow Queen (not Elsa) that would be cool with snow elements. Cool, get it?

  6. Billy The Honourable

    Ice cream + sunny day (+ slime) = Ice-Cream Slime!

    Ice-cream slime confirmed!

    And I seriously love your art, Matt! :stars:

    :yay: Keep up the good work :yay:

  7. goopydoopy

    The weird gooey egg thing is a little creepy, i thick its a little cool goo egged turtle.

  8. Frogslime

    I like the man eating plant one, and the tri-tentacled monster-puss looks good too. I think the ice cream slime thing would be a good enemy in some sort of dream world area. I like that sort of psychedelic dream level in games. A good example would be Magicant in the Super Nintendo game Earthbound, or the smash bros level of the same name. I like the Earthbound one better. I guess what I’m saying is that a freaky psychedelic dream level is what I would want for your next RPG. Let your imagination run wild in the enemy and level design please. This is all just my suggestions and some ideas that you could use or say no thanks to.

  9. Kkots

    The ice-cream slime obviously wins, but I’m more attracted to the predator plant thing, because it’s got slime in its mouth and that’s going to be incredibly exciting to animate!

  10. titanium123

    the chicken one looks hilarious cause it drop its egg,i think hes my fave (sorry for the badgrammar :bleh: )

  11. AidanLink

    I like the ice cream one. I also like the one in the middle to the left, it looks kinda like a foot, because of its kinda feet. It kinda looks a lil gross and slimy though. :scared: :sick:


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