BH2: Preferred controller layout?

Hey guys, I’d like some feedback on the controller layout in Bullet Heaven 2. (especially from those of you who actually got controllers working)

I’d rather not program button rebinding because that’s a lot of extra work, and most shmups have the exact same controls anyway.

Using the XAB buttons for attacking and triggers for changing movement speed is pretty standard, but some shooters (particularly twinstick types) also let you use triggers for bombs.

So the question is, which trigger button would you guys like for bombs, if any? Cause right now they’re both used for slow movement. Would shoulder buttons for bombs be okay?¬†Should I add an option to switch the left and right shoulder/trigger buttons?

Let me know how you play shmups.

4 thoughts on “BH2: Preferred controller layout?

  1. Kami

    I used to play Touhou in the past, and the controls used in those games are typically arrow keys, Z to shoot, X for bombs, and shift to slow your character down. I decided to wait until the finished version of the game comes out because I’m not sure if the beta will carry over to the finished version or not. Don’t wanna be one of the guys who spends 60 hours getting all of the achievements only to have to do it again later on, lol. :yay:

  2. Althaer

    I think left trigger for slow movements and right trigger for bomb is an ideal layout, because the left part of the controller is used for movement and the right one for attack, and the triggers are for “extreme” situations. (B button isn’t a bad idea, but I prefer triggers, and shoulder button don’t seem very convenient. I played BH2 with an Xbox 360 controller)

  3. Consider anon

    Ok, if I remember correctly, I use shoulder button for slow and either A or B for bombs. I also really like to use the D-pad for movement, but my sister prefers the analog control, so it’ll be nice if we can use either of them.

    Haven’t actually tried using controllers for BH2, though.


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