EBF5: Key Items

I made a lot of key items because like last time, I don’t know how most of them will be used. A lot of them will probably end up being quest items. The shovel and raft will be fun new mechanics. The raft will let you move on water, but you can only get on at piers. The shovel will let you destroy sand and snow piles, and also dig for treasure, maybe with the help of those treasure maps.
key items

22 thoughts on “EBF5: Key Items

  1. STEVE

    😥 😥


    i think the 3 jewels to summon godcat might be for a puzle where you have to figure out how to summon godcat to let you enter some sort of cat kingdom? maybe the three jewels are for somthing to do with Nolegs getting legs and arms? :shades: :hurray: :stars:

  3. SomeRandomGuy

    Those hammers are reminding me of Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga where you eventually get a normal hammer for both bros then they eventually get upgraded to Super Hammers, going from having a black hammer head to grey/silver. If only there were Ultra hammers but I am enjoying the possible reference. :yay:

  4. PhotonLord

    Wait two of the items are used by Anna for her non-bow skills. What do you think it means that they are key items now? ❓

  5. SomaSam

    I always love looking at key items, so many possibilities, its great.

    Perhaps those cards are metro passes? Allow for transit between areas or something? Or allow ranked train battles like in Pokemon black and white.

    Really interested to see what you might do with the 3 magical gems, considering god cat’s already been summoned. Are they macguffins to something even greater?

    And finally that Halcyonic Falcon X disc. It would be amazing if we could use that to summon a Phyrnna boss fight, which would give us her to use as a summon. That could be so much fun. I really did like her in bullet heaven 2.

  6. Kkots

    The yellow and green keycards look like metro tickets, which hints that they allow to pass turnstiles one way, but not in the opposite direction. Requiring you to search for another exit which requires the same keycard that you entered with (while the other keycard is to progress further through).

    The wooden/clay idol is pretty strange. If that thing is alive it could maybe walk on the map and point you to the precise position where you have to dig to find another quest item.
    Another idea is that you have to place it on top of a large brick to activate bridge mechanisms, but it depends on what direction away from the brick you’re standing when placing the idol, so that affects the bridge configuration.

    The monster stone looks like it’s for summoning a rock golem, either as a boss or as a summon after defeated successfully. Or it’s a keyitem which makes geysers activate in the cave and make interesting new items pop up on top of them from beneath the cave, balancing on top of fountainy streams. However you probably need thermal gloves to grab the things, because it is hot.

    The musical instruments are very good ideas as quest items, however you could also maybe grab a correct musical score and come to an altar and play a correct melody to advance further by opening an elevator which takes you up. In a 2D way. Retaining the same worldmap and stuff.

    The stick item is most certainly a hilarious quest item: “Bring me a perfect stick for my science projects. It has to be the best stick in the world.” – “Yes! This is exactly the right one! You’re amazing!!”

  7. Aysu

    Sign me up for digging for treasure! :stars:
    I don’t know if you plan to use all of these or not, but I’m liking what I see so far! :love:

  8. Althaer

    That would be very cool if one of the hammers (or both) could allow to upgrade equipment to a higher level (like lv3 max without, so you must progress through the story to unlock stronger equipment) :hurray:

  9. Medlin

    My guess:
    Boots: common (allow to leave the first city), lava walking, ice walking without slip, lilacs walking, clouds walking, rocket jump (might be for climbing or some other type of gaps), radioactives wastes walking.
    Flute and Ocarina (another Zelda reference?) to interact with some NPCs.
    Cards right to maps could open some doors in facilities.
    Bottles might be some plot related ingridients party are looking for.
    EBF4 jewels are probably to summon Godcat for help.
    BTW, any info on locations we’ll see in EBF5?

  10. Spirare

    Old Boots: Same as in the last game, “allows you to go outside”.

    Thermal Boots: Same as before.

    Spiked Boots: Allows you to climb on mountains.

    Leafy Boots: Allows you to either walk on lily pads or through deep mud.

    Winged Boots: Same as before.

    Metal Boots: Jet boots…?

    Black Boots: Bomb or radiation resistant…?

    Flute-y thing (forgot the name) and the thing after it: Something related to music, anna, or both.

    CD: Something related to music.

    Stick: I have no idea.

    Plank: The ladder’s replacement.

    Raft: Explained in the original post.

    Shovel: Explained in the original post.

    Candle: Same function as before.

    Axe: Same function as before.

    Fishing Rod: Allows you to fish in water.

    Black Hammer: Allows you to smash volcanic rocks.

    Silver Hammer: Allows to smash non-volcanic rocks.

    Panties: Quest item.

    Idol-y-ish stone thing: Quest item.

    Cactus Idol: Quest item.

    Newspaper: Quest item.

    Magazine: Quest item.

    Both letters: Quest items.

    Both maps: Allows you to search for treasure in certain areas (one in an area probably somewhat like Lankyroot Jungle, the other in a lava cave).

    Both cards: Allows you to pass through to certain places.

    All 6 keys: Same function as before.

    Elemental orbs: Likely similar to blood orbs in different areas (or in one multi-element area).

    Bottled elements: Quest items or unique, single-use effects in certain areas depending on the element contained inside.

    Battery: Same function as before.

    Elemental crystals: “Same function as before.” Used to summon Godcat and gain her as a high-level summon, possibly after once again defeating her as a bonus boss and possibly without any fight.

    Just my guesses. Really liking some of these, especially the Godcat crystals. :yay:

  11. Inseri

    Dat book ! :stars: :stars:
    But I wonder what the sets of orbs will do . More Temples ?
    and the HFX music Cd ? Needed item for unlock the music gallery ?

  12. Stefan Kriechmus

    About the three jewels. Does this mean that Godcat returns? And if you’re collecting them…
    I wonder how godcat will return. Would be funny if one of the team (most likely Matt) does accidentally the ritual to revive godcat. Even if godcat won’t be the final boss, it would also be a good sub-boss or optional boss.

    1. Medlin

      Well, Godcat just changed her mind and left the World for humans, so she doesn’t will to killallhumanz anymore. Maybe she could be summoned as a strong(est) pet?

  13. Zura

    Love the fact that the gems used to summon godcat in the previous game is now considered key items. Also, you can’t forget Lance’s hobby of stalking Natz ;3


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