EBF5: Big Chungus Interface

Hey guys, I’m back to working on the mobile version of Epic Battle Fantasy 5.

I’m currently improving the interface for mobile screens, which mainly involves making everything 20-25% larger. This may not seem like much, but that translates to 40-55% more click area, so it really helps.

It may seem like a quick job, but since the UI already took up most of the screen, it’s not possible to simply make everything bigger. In many cases I need to rearrange UI elements, split stuff like Medals, Summons and Bestiary into more pages, and add a zoom-in feature to the minimap. Tooltip behaviour also had to be changed, since touchscreens don’t have roll-over and roll-out functionality like a mouse, but I’ve also added in a “Stylus Mode” option, which basically reverts to the PC mouse controls.

I also had to fix a lot of graphics to display correctly without filters, such as the status and buff icons.

Overall it’s going well, if a bit slowly. I will try to get a beta Android version out in a few weeks.

11 thoughts on “EBF5: Big Chungus Interface

  1. Gliga Alin

    Matt, when the mobile version will be launched officially, then will be the same with EBF5 on Pc, i mean all unlocked dungeons, EBF3 and 4 near the Red Town, etc.?

  2. Belyayev's-Fox

    Will the mobile port be designed with styluses in mind? I happen to own a few and maybe others do.

  3. YEET!

    When it is fully released for mobile, do you plan for it to be an app that you have to pay for, or will the deluxe version stuff be a dlc you can later purchase?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Free version with the option to pay for DLC and to disable incentivized ads. Probably.

  4. Gliga Alin

    And i know is a beta version but can you add something for saving our progress for everyone?

  5. Gliga Alin

    Matt will do a beta Android Version =D
    The beta will be on kupogames.com or somewhere else?


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