5 thoughts on “EBF4: App Icon

  1. Tommy

    Five and one has Matt ,four have Anna

    Maybe we can get all five games on android with everyone get their own title?
    Pretty plz.

    Only EBF 2 and 3 remains to get ported.
    Ebf 2 isn’t that long,maybe 3 cause some trouble to porting and polishing the game.
    I’m pretty sure lot’s of fans and other people buy 2&3 too as like 5

    The ruffle are pretty bad on android it constantly crashing and bugging out (And it’s isn’t because the low spec phones , my own mobile have more than 1,1 million AnTuTu score and the ruffle choking and constantly dying when I try to play)

  2. Anonymous

    interesting that shes wearing the ebf5 rendition of the ranger skirt when this is the ebf4 icon
    i suppose its barely noticeable once its in app icon form


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