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There’s a lot of fake Epic Battle Fantasy pages out there, and I thought I’d make this post just so people know exactly which pages are official and run by me. Pages that I made but aren’t updated anymore aren’t listed.

I don’t mind fan pages and stuff like that, but a lot of these pages pretend to be run by me, and that’s not cool.

So here’s a list of accounts and pages that I control and regularly update:
(you can also contact me on most of these accounts, and I read most comments)

My Website: (posts about my games and personal life)
My Facebook: Epic Battle Fantasy series (posts about my games)
My Twitter: KupoGames (very frequent posts about everything, great place to contact me)

My DeviantArt: KupoGames (posts about my games and personal life)
My Kongregate: kupo707 (my games)
My Armor Games: Kupo707 (my games)
My Newgrounds: matt-likes-swords (my games, my older animations, also some news posts)
My Google Play: Kupo Games (Cat Cafe, mostly abandoned, do not contact me here)

My Crappy YouTube Channel (updated very rarely, do not contact me here)
EBF4 Steam Store Page & Forums
 (great place to discuss EBF)

If you’re following “me” anywhere else, it’s either a fake page or an abandoned page.
Obviously my games and work appear on a lot of websites, and that’s fine. But I only personally post them on the ones mentioned above.

15 thoughts on “My Official Accounts

  1. likkyzero

    yeah this shit tends to happen to alot of people when they are succesfull
    i had a person be impersonated and said person’s image being ruined by what he says like “oh i like dicks and shit”
    hopefully you dont get impersonated and this shit happens to you

    also what if the someone asked you if they could make a mmo out of your world what would you say?

  2. Natalia

    I dunno why people should keep using that crappy ‘epicbattlefantasy’ site….well they do, but its really really crappy!!! :bleh: And WTH is this ‘Beastgames’ thing?! :wut: I BELIEVE IN THIS SITE!!!!!! :yay:

  3. A Wikia Editor

    That is sure useful and handy, hope it will help people avoid unnecessary mistakes.
    Though, the site that is simply called “” is probably the greatest disgrace. There is so much wrong in that page it is probably not even worth to list all of it, among those are things as stupid as calling EBF series an “MMO”.
    Isn’t there actually a possibility for Kupo to ask them to close the site? They are so shameless to claim they actually have any rights to the series (“Copyright: All Epic Battle Fantasy games belong to Kupo707 and Beastgames”), which is clearly bullshit, and dunno how it would work in law, but isn’t that even sue-able?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Yeah, that site sucks, and hopefully most people can tell right away that it’s fake and suspicious.

    1. Billy The Honourable

      Nope, Mr.KupoGames went and gave me a link to it. I know it was the real one for his EBF4 was posted onto greenlight from that very steam account, and if it was a fake he’s illegal and could be taken down.

  4. Frogslime

    This is very good info, thanks for posting this!
    Later, Mr. Matt (Mattress) Roszak. :shades:

    p.s. do you like the new name I made for you? :smirk:
    if you don’t then you can be Matt (Malt) Roszak. :yay:

  5. Darren

    Hey Matt, it’s been a while since I’ve played any of your games and I happened to run by EBF4 on steam and was wondering, why don’t you put some of your older games on steam rather than setup kickstarter?
    This way you make money and we get a guaranteed product.
    Really, I’d just love to see your games on steam and I’d be willing to pay for the whole lot.
    I wish you the best of luck on your future games.
    your fan
    – Darren :love: :love2:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      My older games aren’t good enough to be on Steam, and some use characters that I don’t own.


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