14 thoughts on “Sketches: Target Dummies

  1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    My favorite’s the link scarecrow! He must be implemented somewhere! :yay:

  2. Starblast16

    Heh, nice Link target dummy. Since you did him, why not draw one that looks a bit like the scarecrows from Twilight princess with a jack-o-lantern for the head instead of a plain pumpkin. Also, I wouldn’t mind seeing some Zelda-themed weapons for the EBF team. Since Matt’s swords are typically large, two-handed swords, maybe you should add Biggoron’s Sword from Ocarina of Time as one of his weapons. As for Anna, I would love to see her use the Goddess Bow from Skyward Sword. And when it comes to Natz, I think it would be pretty cool if she got to use Hilda’s Triforce staff from A Link Between Worlds, I mean the staff looks freaking awesome. The only problem is that I can’t come up with a good Zelda-Themed weapon for Lance. Unless you think a Bomb Flower cannon sounds cool. Heck, maybe he could use some sort of modified Hookshot as a gun.

  3. AidanLink

    I love the legend of zelda reference on the test dummy. I also like the slime sack, (I think thats what it should be called if it gets in EBF5. The mushroom thing is cool but a lil too simple for my taste. The crab thing is cool too (Again, it looks like a pokemon.) Also poor pig. 😥

    1. AidanLink

      Or sack slime? Or target slime? Idk, what if it had a cool ability thingy that made you hit it, or make Anna shoot at it. (If it gets in EBF5, and if Anna is in EBF5.)

  4. Frogslime

    I like the Shroom-with-arms one and the Pointy-hatted-fairy-guy one, for some strange reason I keep imagining him with a green hat and tunic… That last one looks like it just saw where bacon came from, it could be named Forky Pig. :yay:


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