BH2: Godly Eye Preview

Woop, I did some work on Bullet Heaven 2! I’m not working on it full time yet, but I’m starting to slowly get back into it.

This is the last premium boss. It’s specialty is shooting bullets from all around the player.
There won’t be a bonus version of the final boss, cause I’d rather make one amazing final boss than two decent ones.

eyeball eyeball2

8 thoughts on “BH2: Godly Eye Preview

  1. Billy The Honourable

    I agree with the no bonus final boss. It would just seem a little… Off.

    Also, about the final boss — don’t show us any teasers about it, please. I would really love to earn a look at it and all — and don’t you like it when you get surprises :wut:

    Well, anyway — you do some really great work, Matt, and I played Epic Battle Fantasy games from a while back and I must say that your work has got loads of fans and has actually kinda affected some of our lives, if that doesn’t seem awkward. :stars: So, yeah, keep up the great work for it is brilliant and very well done ❗

  2. AidanLink

    Looks cool! I cant wait to play the full game! Also I agree with the no bonus final boss :yay:

    Also Hai (Master) Matt! (If you’re reading this anyways) :smirk:

    1. Gamork

      Holy hell. This one has me worried… Oh well, as long as it isn’t the Mysterious Figure of this game… (yay, Kingdom Hearts reference) we will be just fine.


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