Sketches: Gloops

I finished the survival modes in Bullet Heaven 2, and started working on achievements.

I also drew these guys. I’ll call them Gloops for now.
Which one’s your favourite?


13 thoughts on “Sketches: Gloops

  1. kevkat101

    i’m really looking forward to ebf 5!!!!!!!! :stars: :love2: :love: :hurray: :yay: :smirk: can’t wait! :stars: :skull: :phone2: :phone: 👿 :coffee: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon:

  2. sexyspider

    My favorite is the top right. Looks spooked. I especially like the dark circles around the eyes.

  3. AidanLink

    I like to rock ones, also yaayyyyy BH2 is almost finished!

    PS They look great! I cant wait to see what you come up with next! :stars:

  4. Billy The Honourable

    They look great! I look forward to beating them in battle!

    :stars: Great Work Matt! :stars:

    :yay: As always! :yay:


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