Voice Talent Needed for EBF5 Trailer

Hey guys! Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is ready to be publicly beta tested! BUT I need to have the Steam store page finished before then (so that people can start wish-listing it and all that).

This means it’s time for me to put together the game trailer. I’m gonna go with something very similar to EBF4’s trailer (shown below), so I’ll need to record some footage, write a silly script, and have someone read it out for me.
If you or anyone you know might be interested in doing the trailer narration in the next week or two, send me some samples of your work and a quote please.

Josh Tomar did the voice in the EBF4 trailer, and I’m happy with how it turned out. Figured I’d give others a chance before asking him again.

14 thoughts on “Voice Talent Needed for EBF5 Trailer

  1. Anyar

    The voice acting is alright, but unfortunately still nothing compared to, say, a trailer for Clash of Clans.

    It sounds a little young, a little forced, a little strained. I can’t do a better job, but other game trailers can.

  2. santiago peñaloza

    me va a dar algo fwmimsdif saludos desde arg I know you do not understand anything I say I’ll make it appropriate

  3. Andrew Glass

    I would really love to volunteer, as I have grown up with these games and helping out in any way with one of them would be a dream come true. I have a fairly talented voice, but I do not have the proper recording equipment to capture it without it cutting out at random times and making it choppy. I wish I could volunteer, but even if i did somehow manage to record a good segment of voice and send it to you and did somehow get chosen to it (which I doubt I would’ve anyway, but who knows), I probably wouldnt be able to record what you want in good enough quality. 😥 😥 😥

  4. Theifswimer

    I have played and beaten every one of these games in the series so far, and love every one of them! I would love to help in some small way for this project. What is the best method of contact to send you a demo file and price quotes?

  5. alex

    bro i really would want to… every part of me screams to go try but…josh tomar’s voice is to perfect for the trailer believe me

  6. Keegan

    Hey Matt,

    Fan of your work, posted on here a few times. I’ve got a deep narrator-type voice and a high quality microphone and would be glad to do narration for free if you’re interested. My discord is Keegan#9161, feel free to add me or e-mail me if you’d like me to test some lines for you.

    Keep up the good work, I’m so excited for the release!

    – Keegan

  7. Ren T.

    I’d absolutely love to help. This’d be my first voice acting try-out. If age is a concern, I’m fourteen. I have two questions though, does it have to be a video/audio, or can it be over a voice chat/call, and does mic quality have to be crystal clear? If crystal clear is needed, I may not be able to assist.
    If interested: idiocysHothead#2902 is my discord.

  8. kenfos

    i would love to help I’ve been a big fan since the first game and have played every game since im on the discord and hope that i could help more than just playing the games and telling people they should play it to. P.S. my discord is kenny#6685 i hope i can be helpful. if you would like a sample or test of my voice I’m willing to talk via discord i am apart of yours, if that does not work for you i can have a video with a few of the voice i can do.

  9. Jack Dague

    Hmm… I’m not sure if I should try to sign up or whatever it’s called for this. I mean, I might have voice talent, but at the same time, no debit or credit card and relatively young…

  10. Endless Life

    So after the store page is ready everyone can buy it or will it get tested only by a few people and then get released?

  11. arachnoidRoyalty

    So it sorta depends on what the voice acting is, is it for individual characters or for narration, and by samples of work does that entail that we need to have a previous job in voice acting, and if not does the quote have to be related to EBF?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      It’s narration, I’d like to see a demo reel or similar, and “quote” as in cost to hire you.

      1. kenny

        I would love to help I’m a big fan and i can do it for free i just want you to have an easier time making your game and getting it publicity you can contact me on discord even try out my voice if it helps. my discord is kenny#6685 and im also apart of your discord


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