EBF5: Slimes!

The first Epic Battle Fantasy 5 foes are done!
There’s a lot of new stuff here, including a shiny new test interface that will make viewing the animations a lot more fun. These guys took quite a long time because I’m still getting the hang of the new style, but things will speed up. Overall there’s a lot more details here than in EBF4: I’m finding higher quality sound effects, foe parts have nested animations, and I’m recycling a lot less graphics than before. Hopefully that shows.

There’s also going to be a foe competition like usual, but I’ll announce the details of that later.

EBF5 current foe count: 7

35 thoughts on “EBF5: Slimes!

  1. That one person who likes dark magic and fire

    I think the Icecream Slimes should be immune to Freeze, considering how they’re already a frozen sentient treat. :stars:

    And, a bug for you!
    When you press Attack 1 or 2, and then press Magic 1 or 2 or Special the slime will stay in front of Nolegs or Natalie. When I kill it and then respawn it, it will stay in the same area. Also, I love how when you hover your mouse over Nolegs’ ears, they’ll twitch. Nice addition! :love:

  2. WrathofDerping

    If enemies can flee, and the first 2 enemy previews are of slimes…does that mean that metal slimes are gonna be a thing?

  3. Android Noob

    That sound effect of spit for some special attacks, please don’t have them for the final output!!! It’s disgusting to suit such cute creatures :sick: T.T

    1. infiniteEel

      oh sorry i accidently clicked the prev page button so i was actually commenting on the big sand slime. :ooo:

  4. JS

    Will this be available for Steam? I didn’t purchase EBF4 because I had already beaten it on Kongregate, but I would like to purchase this one to help contribute to your games. You do a wonderful job while still generously giving free access to your games, and I think that should be rewarded.

  5. boomo

    Pretty excited for all the new areas that are going to be introduced :yay:
    Also, fleeing foes is going to be a weird mechanic.
    Popping foes looks kinda wierd.
    Noleg’s ears are amazing.
    rip sleeves. idk

  6. Aysu

    Oh, my gosh. I can feel like I’m scratching NoLeg’s Ear! :love: :stars: :love:

    As for the slimes: I love them! They’re all so cute, and I love that when you kill all of them, they die in a random sequence. Very satisfying. :stars: And I love the new Dedenne slime. I want one! :love2: The little sparks on the electric slimes, the drips on the ice cream and volcano slimes, and whatever else are very nice touches. :hurray:

    The magic attacks look really cool, though maybe add an attacking magic, or stat effecting/status inducing effect to the heal one (like lower attack/magic attack, or cause stun)? Most, maybe all, other healing enemies to date have had a second attack, I think.

    Still super looking forward to EBF5! It’s gonna be AWESOME! :yay: :love: :love: :love: :yay: Keep it up!

    In an unrelated note. I love all these emoticons. :love: :bacon: :ooo: :love2: :smirk: They’re so cute. Except maybe this one 👿 which is terrifying.

  7. Fly or Die

    Haha, I love the new death animations. So fun.

    Although: is there any pattern to the order/timing in which they die? It seems rather random to me …

  8. TheShrubberyKing

    They poof when they die! I didn’t know this was a thing I wanted! I just hope it doesn’t happen to the huge impressive bosses. I imagine it’d kinda ruin the mood. Also, foes can run away now?! :ooo: Hey Foe, who said you were allowed to copy our moves?!

  9. komodor

    fleeing enemies are cool, but the mechanic should be like kill them fast or you wont get the reward. they also look cool but I guess they could have different emotes then just smiley faces. the only different face is the rat pokemon who is smiling, but has a tooth visible. but I over all like it.

  10. thersis

    Well, we can expect to hear from Nintendo soon. 😛

    Looks like we’ll have a repeat of Matt consuming those new dessert slimes and puking his guts out.

  11. littlemrdoom

    fleeing slimes? 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 PLZ NO! I WANT TO STABZ THEM ALL! 😡 😡 😡 :shades:

  12. littlemrdoom

    fleeing enemies :wut: :wut: ? say it is not so! :scared: :scared: :scared: also candy slimes! :stars: :stars: :stars: :shades:

  13. Phoenix

    So NORMALLY Slimes are found in respected areas
    Does that mean there is going to be :-
    A Ice Cream area / Chocolate Area / Candyland
    A Volcano or Lava Cave Area
    A Pokemon area (Or just tall grass)
    And A Desert Area
    Thats considering slimes = areas.
    Anyways Art Style looks good. The Attack and Evade Techniques remain the same which is good :).
    :ooo: :ooo: :ooo: :ooo:

  14. pionoplayer

    Aw… where did our green slimes go?
    These are all really cool. If these are the SLIMES, I can’t wait to see what everything else is going to be.

  15. Necromancer10

    For the third-to-last slimes and the last slimes, their Magic Attacks have their effects stay there instead of disappearing.

  16. Thisx

    The chocolate (?) slime’s Magic 1 attack freezes after it leaves the ground. Same thing for desert slimes
    But i gotta say, i loved the new death animation on the slimes. Everything feels so nice! :yay:

  17. YoshiTimeSketches

    If you press Attack 1 and then Magic 1 quickly, the Slime will stay super close to either NoLegs or Natz.
    And then if you press Kill All and Intro to reset them, only a single Slime will remain, back at NoLegs or Natz, unless you go to Prev or Next Foe.

    Loving it, Matt. Good work.

  18. Kane

    You just can see the kawai-ness of the Matt’s slimes. :stars:

    btw, there’s some kind of bug (?). When you freeze all the slimes, and continue to next foe and back to the first wave of foe again, the freeze sfx wont stop 😐


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