Christmas Stuff

Hey guys, hope ya’ll had a good Christmas. Mine was better than usual – everyone behaved, and I got Lego! Scottish weather is terrible though, it’s just been raining heavily the whole time.

I’ve contacted the winners of the Christmas key giveaway – I ended up giving away 40 copies of my games.

Steam had a major security malfunction last night and leaked a few personal details about some users, but it doesn’t look like it ended up being too serious.  I may have overreacted when I destroyed my credit card, but I wasn’t the only one. Steam seems to be back to normal now.

Finally, Ronja drew a hot Christmas picture of Rosalina, if you’re into that.


11 thoughts on “Christmas Stuff

  1. Phoenix

    Thank you kupo for this awesome giveaway :).
    One of the best presents i could have asked for on Christmas.
    Since Christmas is well….. over i wish you a happy new year (and a belated christmas ).

    :hurray: :hurray: :hurray: :hurray: :hurray:

  2. Ben

    That’s quite the awesome picture you have posted of yourself. Merry Christmas dude! :yay:
    P.S.- this was posted after Christmas :ooo:

  3. Black Widow

    Glad to hear you had a good time minus the destruction of your CC. Hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays though!

    – BW :yay:

  4. Luke Kellett

    looks like I didn’t end up winning, that’s OK. I had bought the game a few minutes ago and it is awesome like in the beta. Great work Matt. Merry Chrismas!!!

    😀 :yay:


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