Christmas Steam Key Givaway!

(This competition is over now)

Hey guys, I haven’t done any giveaways in a while, so I thought this would be a good occasion to do one. I’m giving away free Steam keys for Epic Battle Fantasy 4 and Bullet Heaven 2.

If you’re interested leave a comment about which game you want and why. Make sure to fill in the email field correctly so I can send you the prize if you win, and let me know if you would prefer a Kongregate version instead.

I’ll give out 10 copies of each, maybe more if a lot of people are interested.
This giveaway will probably run until the 26th, so you have until then!


725 thoughts on “Christmas Steam Key Givaway!

  1. ThatGuyWithTheGoodIdeas

    EBF 4 becauce it the best game everrr. It’s one of my favorite game of all time it’s 1000000000000000000000000% up above undertale and fallout 4 I’ve played all of the EBF games and it’s been amazing :smirk: and i’ve never felt a joy towards a game like this ever before and I thank you for it :yay:

  2. Hae Mun

    Hey Kupo can you please give me the Bullet Heaven 2 since ever since I played it on Kongregate I once played it for 18 hours straight. If you are here is my email:


    I’m too late, but as I already bought both games, that’s not important now 🙂 Happy new year, as I hope that it will turns to EBF5 one. Way to go, Matt. Thanks for your games.

  4. long

    hey matt if you remove the mana bar then can you make it hard to get SP because you can upgrade the skill into a high level and it will be too easy and i dont want ebf to be too easy :scared: :scared: :scared:

  5. xenoxinius

    Man I love yer art. I went on christmas break for a friend to a cottage where there were no internet, all we did was play Epic battle fantasy 😀
    Picked it up myself recently but would looove to win the bullet hell shooter, just got into those games 😀
    keep making awesome drawings/games!! :love:

  6. Gap0911

    Man, I’d love both; EBF4 might be the one I’m actually capable of playing well, but I’ve got two friends who’d probably love a copy of BH2 (and I wouldn’t object to it either)!
    That being said, though, I’d have to go with the former. EBF4 would be great to play as an offline standalone.

  7. Ben Griesser

    Been following you for a long time ever since I’ve been playing on kongregate, now you’re two steam games are amazing! Hope you keep making more for steam I’ll be here to support you! :smirk:

  8. lochadore

    hey there matt! liked all of your EBF games! they were realy awsome and over the top!!!!1111 hope i will be in the list of getting the steam key for any of those two! i realy love your games and when i knew you were making EBF5 i was so hyped! keep going forward! and wish you all the bast!
    p.s. great art and thinking skill! you always overdone yourself!

  9. Mordez•

    A huge friend of mine has been wanting to play EBF4 for a while now, I’d love to surprise him with a free key of the game!
    And also, I would like the BH2 key for me, i’ve already fully completed the first game *w*


  10. Batschbirne

    I would prefer Epic Battle Fantasy 4 for Steam. I played it already in my Browser but it lagged quite a bit and didn’t run very smooth and fast. So i hope that the Steam version runs smoother and is even more enjoyable.

    Merry Chrismas!

  11. Psycho

    yo remember me? that annoying kid keeps spamming his ideas for ebf5, it’s my dream to have ebf4 from steam :3

  12. Mamoru

    I enjoy EBF4 :з . Very interesting game for a long time to play it 😀 very much forward to release EBF5. This is best flash game I played ^^ :stars: :love2: :love2: :yay: :smirk:


    I want BH2’s one. I did play the previous games(BH1, EBF4, …) and that was very fun experience ><
    I played these(exactly, only about EBF4) over 80hrs. It has many interesting and funny factors, so I have an interest about brand-new game, too.
    Sorry to bad English skills(because my native language isn't English 😥 ), but it's true! I really want and expect to play BH2. thx to reading!

    1. GRAPEHC

      about play-time, I have no confience to other(=except EBF4) :S
      that do not meant ‘I don’t played other games except EBF4’ ><
      I just can check my playtime only to EBF4 because it was in my steam library.

  14. cinnamonrolls

    Bullet Heaven 2 cause I already have EBF4. *cough* *cough* For EBF5 please lower the amount of waves a mob group consists of and or buff AOE moves as it is super annoying to have to fight through herds and herds of monsters each time especially when your doing NG+ runs, it eventually goes from challenging to cumbersome as they are just in the way. Also, I would love it if you could place minibosses in places where beating them rewarded you a hefty reward, as them just simply blocking the way to some chests doesn’t really feel satisfying because it makes it feel like fighting them just isn’t fulfilling as yeah I just fought a “hard” fight but at what cost? It wasn’t a mandatory fight
    but… if I wanted to get the chests I would have to get through and when you do you feel more disappointed than anything else as the time it took you to fight it didn’t scale up to how strong the monster itself was. 😥

  15. Crazy Lou

    ITS THA TWENTY SIIIIXTHS (probably) (where you are at least)
    :skull: :skull: :skull:

  16. Pedro

    I would like to get BH2. :love2: I’m a big fan of EBF :love2: . First time i played it i was like 8. When i found it again in Kongregate I almost died from nostalgia attacks :ooo: – they are mighty – and haven’t stoped playing since then. And I would REALLY like another Epic Battle Fantasy. :stars: :stars:

  17. Jerry Lin

    I would love to get Epic Battle Fantasy 4 because this series has been one of my favorites since I got into games. I played the version on Kongregate and fell in love with the series. I just recently found out that EBF4 came out on steam and since its Christmas, I would love it if I could get a copy. Thanks :yay:

  18. Michael Shan

    Hey Matt, I’ve been a fan of your games since EBF2, and I’d love a free BH2 copy.

    Merry Christmas!

  19. imsertrealname

    hey matt i would really like to have BH2
    1:because the ebf series is my childhood
    2:i love how it’s self aware which makes it even more funny
    3:YOU ROCK :stars:

  20. Owen Zhang

    I want Bullet Heaven 2. Bad… mostly because the art’s adorable, bullet hell’s are awesome, replayability, challenging difficulties, tons of levels, and I’ve loved this game since I played the first EBF on kongregate, and then I found out there were better versions on steam! Also it’s the only game I haven’t played from you. <3

  21. MisterPinkie

    I’d love a free copy of Bullet Heaven 2, enjoyed the heck outta the first one! Plus, who’d say no to free stuff? Especially if it’s COOL free stuff? :hurray:

  22. Foxfire

    I would love to have both ebf 4 and bh2 :smirk: although i kinda miss attack of the black mages but its probably never returning :bleh: but you have always made great games/animations that i always enjoy when i play/watch them. Keep up the good work and i will keep being suckered in over and over and over etc. and if i do win my steamid is thau_art_a_ritchard (wich is a fancy way of saying you’re a dick but anyways if i dont win i’ll probably buy the games when i have money to spare. love your games and animations Foxfire signing off. btw i got a glitch in catcafe that removed all my data. :yay: :smirk: :hurray: :ooo: :tongue: :love: :love2: :stars: 🙁 😐 :meh: :bleh: 😥 :sick: :scared: :shades: 😡 :wut: ❓ ❗ ➡ :skull: ➡ :phone: :phone2: 👿 :coffee: :bacon:

  23. Jimbillybobman

    I want EBF4 so I can give it to my little brother for his birthday because he really likes playing it on kongregate so I thought it would be nice to get him one of his favourite games. :yay:

  24. Kaisar

    I cannot count the the many hours I’ve spent on Kong playing your games. I would like EBF4 for steam just because Steam keeps a running tally of hours spent playing for me!

  25. Kross

    I would really really love to try BH2 since I’m a big fan of Danmaku-style games. Completed nearly all Touhou games on lunatic, still aiming for TH11 no death run. Also I played all the EBF games and they literally made my childhood, most of my dreams at that moment were about these brave warriors on an epic adventure :yay:

  26. Viral

    I already have EBF4, and I’ve enjoyed it a lot, but I want to give a copy to the first friend I ever made on Steam as a token of appreciation.

  27. NotSoKaito

    Personally, I’ll go with Bullet Heaven 2. While I know EBF4 has more content (both in DLC and in the regular game), Bullet Heaven 2 has something that EBF4 can’t really have due to its system – Co-op. I don’t have anyone around to play it with locally, but with NVIDIA’s GameStream Co-Op (or TeamViewer if I’m desperate/GameStream isn’t free/it refuses to even let me try it like every single thing in GeForce Experience) I might even be able to play it online!

  28. Mattreallylikesswordshuh

    Bullet Heaven 2, its gonna be a great Christmas/New years gift for someone they won’t stop talking about it. :stars:

  29. TmmRanger

    I would want an Epic Battle Fantasy 4 key.
    “Epic” is the best word for this amazing game, I followed all the games (excluding the first one) and they are all amazing, but this one is even better!
    BTW: Great job. I’m waiting for EBF5 :yay:

  30. IHNN

    At worst, I show interest in some cool games.
    At best, I get free copies of some cool games.

    I see no downside.

  31. TehOW5

    i would want BH2 and i want it because i would put over 100 hours on the game probably and I have been playing your games for about 5 years Thanks!
    :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:

  32. ASuffererAny

    I want EBF4 because I love the series, i almost finished all the games ( Less EBF4 ). I played EBF1 in 2009 and liked that style of turn-based RPG ( It remembered my of the gold times of FFIV :stars: ) . Anyway, a gameplay to my channel would not be bad. :yay:

  33. William

    Man, you’re the best. Years of playing these games has always been worthwhile. So definitely looking forward to EBF5, saw the preview and it looked AMAZING, keep up the good work Kupo. :yay:

  34. Mike

    I’d love a Steam Key for Bullet Heaven 2 please! :stars: Good luck to everyone…maybe slightly more luck to myself though ha :shades:

  35. shota-bit

    i would like to have bullet heaven 2, so i can play it with my friends and have lotsa fun

    also, if you want to contact me, plz use deviantart, my name is shota-bit there too

  36. nalceD1

    Honestly, I would love to have either one of these games. I played the hell out of the free versions, but I haven’t really had the cash to get them. I suppose if I had to choose, there would be a slight preference toward BH2, because I haven’t finished it on kong yet, and it’s the more expensive one during the sale. But either one would be wonderful.

  37. chihuahua802

    I would love to have EBF4 cuz i could finally restart the game and do more stuff than in bullet heaven 2

  38. Edemon

    I would love to have Bullet Heaven 2
    Since 2009, when i played EBF2, the EBF series has been a part of my life (even tough EBF3 was the game that REALLY made me turn a fan of it). I could spend literraly hours here talking about how each game make me have fun, or about my 36 hours of EBF4 on steam, Ebf series and it’s spinoffs made part of my live, i started playing Maple when i saw that picture with your inspirations, i owe you so much, and that’s why i would love to have Bullet Heaven 2, since i can’t buy it too soon 😥

  39. kevin

    Really hoping to get BH2 – Already have EBF4. Never tried out bullet hell games and I think that this would be a good first one to get me into. Merry Christmas, man. :shades: :bacon:

  40. David

    While I haven’t quite played EBF4, I did play the previous three games. I’d moved on from Kongregate, and I actually didn’t know that the 4th game was on Kongregate until I read the comments on this page. Either way I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the three previous games and would love to play this one.

  41. pionoplayer

    This isn’t me asking for one again.
    Just want to say Merry Christmas Matt. Don’t have the Twitter account to say it there, so I guess I’ll say it here.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    May this next year bring all the cute, fuzzy easy-to-squish enemies that your heart desires.

  42. Sohade

    I really want EBF4 jsut to complete it fully :hurray: .Also I’m tired of getting bitchslapped when I lsoe all my saves on kongregate :bleh:

  43. Lyraphor

    Hey :smirk: , I wish you Merry Christmas too and thank you for this opportunity to win a game. :yay:
    I have EBF4 already, so it would be great to get BH2 via this giveaway.
    Normally i’m quite bad at bullet-hell games, but nevertheless i’m sure I would play your game like crazy. :love:

  44. Thaumaterge

    I want another copy of EBF4 of steam (I already bought one) for my friend so that I can share this awesome game with him.

    Merry Christmas!

  45. Fuxiger Fux

    I already played EBF 4 quite some hours and completed it already, still try to get all the achievments ! I was playing Bullet Heaven on and it was a great game 😀 I really would like to get the Sequel on Steam !

  46. AlephAlpha

    I’ve bought the expansion pack of both games on Kongregate, and really love them. I didn’t buy the steam versions because they don’t support Linux. But I’ll be still happy if you give me a steam key for Bullet Heaven 2. There is not yet a review of BH2 in Chinese on Steam. I’ll write one if I have the key.

  47. ShadowsSun

    Holy Godcat, that’s a lot of replies! I don’t really want a free key; I’ll buy both games when I have the money for them. Just wanted to say how nice it is that you do this sort of thing, and I’m looking forward to whatever you make next.
    Keep up the good work Matt!

  48. Pulovheurts

    I’d like to get EBF4 because it’s my favorite game with different epic battle 🙂 . I ‘d like bullet heaven but i’m a RPG gamers.
    Merry christmas.

  49. Luke Kellett

    I would love to play Bullet Heaven 2 Because I have been an absolutely huge fan of yours since the first Epic Battle Fantasy Game you released. I though it was pretty awesome as a unique RPG with cool references to other titles like Pokemon etc. I would love to try to get a copy of Bullett Heaven a it looks awesome by the betas on your site and others like newgrounds, Kongreate etc. I just LOVE your work and would like to play bullet heaven 2 for free as I am a poor white boy. 😛 :bleh:

    Thank you very much for all these awesome games and by being a great person in general.
    Good luck for the future and thanks for reading.

    -Luke Kellett

  50. dusavini

    I want bullet heaven on kongregate plz. Can’t say much, just that I play it over every once in a while.

  51. Joseph

    I want BH2!!!! I love your games Kupo!
    I play them all @_@ I would love for this game,
    You’re the best, please keep making games so I can throw my money at you. D;

  52. kyra

    OMG i really love EBF4! A key for steam version will be the perfect present for me! :love: :yay: also Marry Christmas for everyone! :love2:

  53. zombi

    always loved some epic battle fantasy and would not mind some bullet heaven in my collection as i have EBF4.

  54. ABCD

    I love ebf series since i discovered the 3rd. Can’t wait for the 5th. The game is just as its name, EPIC. Would love the key for the ebf4 on steam.

  55. That One Guy

    I’d like bullet heaven 2. I’ve been a huge fan of your games since I discovered Epic Battle Fantasy 2, and I thoroughly enjoyed EBF3 and EBF4. I ended up getting the premium edition of EBF4, and then later buying it on Steam as well. I wish you luck with future games, and can’t wait to play them!

  56. riwini

    I have been a fan of Epic Battle Fantasy since 3 came out. I help write a fan fic with Ptolemic and I helped beta tested for BH2. A free copy of BH2 would be awesome but if not I will end up buying it anyway. The series is awesome and I am glad you decided to continue it. RPGs should be fun to play and humorous. I like your take on them. :hurray:

  57. ccortxX

    I would really like a Steam key for EBF4! Wondered for a while if I should buy it but it’s hard to add funds around my country :bleh:

  58. Orion Fritz

    Hello! I’m a sophmore in highschool. I would love it if you included me in the give away for EBF4, because I’ve always loved most of the games you’ve created including the bullet hell one’s even though I’m not really good at those. however my favorite game of yours is EBF4 because I’ve always loved the art design and jrpg elements in it, it reminded me of a game I used to play, earthbound, with the art design that I love in general. I never really got the chance to buy the steam version because I’m saving up my money to go visit my aunt in alaska. It would mean a lot to me if you chose me for the key. Thank you very much. :yay:

  59. Fullav As

    I’m in the mood for Bullet Heaven 2! I don’t have much to do for the next few weeks, and I definitely would love to be able to fill in the gaps of my free time with that game. :yay:

  60. Akari Tsukimi

    Bullet Heaven 2 is the biggest hype I’ve have since Epic Battle Fantasy 4. I had a lot of fun during Epic Battle Fantasy 4, and it was worth waiting for. Thank you for being a game developer.

  61. MythrilDill

    :love: :love: :love: :love: I love EFB and I can’t wait for more of them! :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2:

  62. Indignation Judgement

    I’ve already bought both EBF4 and BH2 but my friend might be interested in either game so a key would be nice.

  63. Other Bun

    Give me the EBF4 key or else all these No-Legs will die.
    😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 :ooo: 😥 😥 😥

    I’m pretty desperate.

  64. Michael Z

    I would like EBF 4, just because it’s a really good game, from a really good series. Also, merry Christmas.

  65. sapphirelight

    Oooh, Bullet Heaven 2 would be nice!
    I love bullet hells and I am already planning on buying EBF4 because of the sales.

    And since when has EBF5 been announced?!
    I still remember counting the days till EBF4 released.

  66. KaiLeatutufu

    I LOVE EBF4 ITS ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE GAME EVER I REPLAY IT EVEN WHEN I FINISH IT but i cant buy it because i dont have the money so it would be AMAZING if i could win! :yay:

  67. Albert Zhu

    I’ve followed this series for 6 years now (I’m 13); back in 2009, when I gamed a lot on browsers, I found the first Epic Battle Fantasy. Didn’t finish it all the way through, and didn’t think much of it until a month later; i went back to it again, and absolutely fell in love with it. I was enamored with the RPG-style game that I had never played before, and I began incorporating elements of the game (the monster designs, weapons, etc.) into my schoolwork and writing. EBF has had a huge impact on my life, and led to me developing an interest in game creation and programming.

    Thanks for inspiring a young seven-year old and filling his head with creativity and imagination, Matt. Thanks for it all.

    That’s all I really wanted to say, but I guess I’d like a key for Bullet Heaven 2; I already own EBF4.

  68. Shadowbeam

    I want a copy of Bullet Heaven 2. I already have a copy of Epic Battle Fantasy 4 (Which is a good game) & I also want to try a bullet shooter. Never really gotten into the shooters, but maybe if it’s set in the EBF world, I might enjoy it!


    PS: The EBF 5 art look great… hope to play it next year!

  69. Justin Kim

    I’d love to have EBF4. I’ve played through the non extended version of the game more times than I can count and somehow it doesnt get old seeing all the different ways to play, and have always wanted to buy the expansion, but am unable to purchase it due to certain financial reasons. I was and still am waiting for EBF5 (cant wait for it) and loved going through your other games on newgrounds when i was about 6-7 years (i think) younger. #bringbackzombiegoku #natsbaps
    P.S. Please just let Lance have an actual committed relationship. i always feel bad for him. Let the old man love

  70. kikaiHeni

    I would like a BH2 stam key, as I REALLY enjoyed the free version on kongregate (didn’t get around to buy the complete version on steam or otherwise so it’s really lucky for me).

  71. Wanderer

    I would love to receive bullet heaven 2, i love the ebf series, but i haven’t had that much money recently. I have been trying to do surveys in kongrate to earn some kreds to buy it, but doing surveys is just pain in the arse :bleh:

  72. Kevin

    I’d love to have Bullet Hell 2, because I own Epic Battle Fantasy 4, and I loved it!

    I want to continue supporting your games by showing it to others, I am also planning on buying EBF4 to a friend of mine, to show him how great is your game.

    Keep it up, pal!


    Not relevant to the giveaway (I pretty much bought both games on release date anyway) but… what the HELL happened to NoLegs’ eyes there?

  74. Andry371

    Been a fan of your work, Love the art style, the fan art, the games soundtracks – (basically everything is well done) :yay:

  75. Alycia

    I’d love to receive a key for Epic Battle Fantasy 4 on Steam because I enjoy the EBF series very much! I love how you have to be strategic about armor, spells/attacks, and leveling things up. The plot is intriguing, the artwork is adorable and ohmygod No Legs!!!! :love: :love: :love: No Legs is so cuttttteeeee! And also, the humor (Natalie and her boobs) >.< :yay: :yay: :yay: I really can't wait for EBF 5!!!!!!! :stars: :stars: :stars: Anyhow, thanks for the hours of entertainment ^-^ and keep the good work up!

  76. Ghost1107

    I would love to get EBF 4 :stars: it’s on top of my wishlist. :love: So when I saw your give away, I just had to leave a reply! :yay:

  77. Shadowheartless

    Ooh I’d love EBF4. Been a fan of your works since the Black Mages series on NG.
    I helped beta test EBF3 and/or 4 on DA (can’t remember) and played the free version partway through. This would give me a good excuse to finish it after not playing in years~ Quite curious about the premium content too. :stars:

  78. MyNameIsNotImportant

    Bullet Heaven 2 will refine my hopefully existant danmaku skills along with making me super tense half the time. 😀 Well, I already own EBF4, which is why I’m asking for this one. Is the giveaway chance or whoever you feel is most passionate about the game? Well, if it’s the latter, umm… PASSION PASSION PASSION, LOVE LOVE LOVE. :love2:

  79. GOLAT

    i would absolutely love to get EBF4, as the only reason i haven’t is because i haven’t had any extra money in a while. EPF was one of the first games i had ever played on computer and i have always loved it, it would be one of the greatest gifts ever since it would be given by the creator of the game itself. :hurray:

  80. Milesthumbs

    I would want to get a Bullet Heaven 2 Key so I can gather all of my friends around and watch them all fail miserably at trying to dodge bullets.

    Also just because I really like your games.

  81. BlackberryNewt

    I’d love EBF4, I enjoyed playing EBF3 on Kongregate ages ago, but I could never enjoy playing EBF4 cause of lackluster internet connection 🙁

  82. Kazenna

    Hey! I wanna get EBF4 for a friend cuz she’s a huge fan of the series, and I want her to get to experience all the premium content. She’s always super hesitant to spend her steam wallet tho xD

  83. Jacob Origa

    I’d love to get EBF4. I’ve tried the Kongregate version and it’s SOOO good. The battle mechanics, the item mechanics, pretty much everything. I haven’t gotten far, but I’d probably play it much more if I had the Steam version. :yay:

  84. Tratosian

    I already bought the game, but I have a friend who would likely love to receive the new Bullet heaven game. He’s been playing on kongregate for a while now.

  85. Shinmyoumaru

    I’d love to get Bullet Heaven 2, as I’ve played EBF 4 after buying it and it was amazing. I’ve also been introduced to the Touhou series a while back and I’m happy to say it’s one of my favorites, so this should make my spirits rise this year, since I’ve moved to a new state in the U.S. I have no money this year, which means no presents 😥 but…maybe I can have one little gift this year from you, to enjoy the holidays from someone’s generosity. Thank you so much if you give me a key, it means a lot to me.

    Thanks for everything and every game you’ve created :yay:

  86. Michael Carney

    Bullet Heaven 2 would be great if I got it, I loved the first Bullet Heaven and the browser version for 2 is great!

  87. Turtwig1123

    I really want BH2 (I already have EBF4 :stars: ) I really have enjoyed playing your games (Almost 50 hrs logged on EBF4 already) and I really enjoyed the beta of BH2.
    I really hope I can win one of those steam keys (btw nice nolegs 😛 )

  88. Andrew

    Already have EBF4, but I wouldn’t mind getting BH2 🙂 Love your games, art style, humour, its all awesome!
    Can’t wait for EBF5!! :hurray:
    Also glad their on steam

  89. Jerry

    Wow great cat to go with a great game. Thanks for EBF4 as it is one of my favorite if not my favorite flash game.

  90. Grumpy_Lover

    I really want BH2 :yay: . Been a big fan ever since ebf 2 and still playing ebf 4 on steam to this day

  91. Vhiny

    I think that Bullet heaven 2 is realy great, I played the flash version for a while while waiting for it relase on steam~ I’ve been following your progress since the very frist flash animation you made on newgrounds (Black mages, I think.) and it baffle me how far you’ve come. I remember that your flash animations were my favorites for a while. ”Ah, you call that a sword? -Pulls out a giant sword- THIS. Is a sword.” Sigh. I think I’m just gona rewatch threw everything. But yeah, I love everything you make, I’m planning to get the game eventualy even if you end up not giving me a copy of the game, but just know that I love your work, and I think you deserve evry penny for the games you make. They are all Awesome~ Keep up the good work. :stars:

  92. Fly or Die

    Hey, might as well try my luck. It would be amazing to get a copy of EBF4/BH2 (although I was thinking about buying EBF4 anyway :P)

  93. Sameer

    Hmm..Personally.I’d like EBF4.I’ve always taken a liking to the EBF series,Been a big fan of it ever since i played the first one on Kongregate and after the third one.Slowly begged for a fourth one.Its at the top of my steam wish list at the moment,so getting it for Christmas would be a dream. :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:

  94. Reggie1000

    Hey Kupo, I would really appreciate the Steam Key, I’ve played all of the EBF’s and took the expansion for both 4 and BH2 (the betatest of BH2 made me want to get it obviously 😀 )
    I really love your work and plan on getting EBF5 even if I don’t win this because you deserve it with all of the hard work behind it, the 3 and 4 still being among my favorite games.
    Still a bit sad that the french translator role was already taken, but they probably do it better than me after all!

    Merry Christmas :yay:

  95. Limit66

    You said just leave a comment. So I’m gonna put a no-purpose-except-for-the-giveaway-with-probably-nothing-interesting comment.
    Also, is Phyrnna also gonna work with you for EBF5? I’d more than love to hear more of her works. :yay:

  96. ventus

    I want bullet heaven 2 because I love bullet hell games and I love ebf and have been playing since the first one.

  97. hankaichou

    I would love to get Bullet Heaven 2 (Steam) as I’ve been a huge fan of your works and I do love me some bullet hell!
    I’ve been a fan of your work since the first EBF and have played through all of your games at least twice now :p
    Also, my family is not that well off to buy games like these, so I would really be extremely grateful to you if you gifted it to me as a Christmas present!

  98. Sean

    omg i would love to get EBF4!!!! i’ve been creeping for updates ever since ebf 3 came out huhu i love ur games so much!!!! <3 :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2: :love: :love: :stars: :stars: :stars:

  99. VnLegend

    I love your game since EBF2 and BH1, i like all the textures and monster in this game most cuz all of them r so cute and kawaii (sorry i cant deny my truth). all the music that Phyrnna made it so fit every round/battle i travel through, when BH2 i hype for it to release so much but i spend all of my money in EBF4 and Terraria this year so there is none so i want to try out the Steam version (i already played the web version of the game not the full tho). If i won then i have to say that is the best Christmas Present ever also. Merry Christmas Matt and Phyrnna :yay: .

  100. Ryan

    I would like Bullet Heaven 2 since I already have EBF4. Your games are just so fun and addictive with replay value that just keeps bringing me back countless times. I can’t wait for EBF5 and I hope it has the playful humour your previous games have had.

  101. Mr.Human

    I’d like Bullet Heaven 2, as a reason why i should win well…. I got no idea I’d just really like to have your game since i can’t buy online (no credit card). I mean if i could buy it, i would have already :yay:

    1. Mr.Human

      btw i’d like it on steam, cuz i like having my game downloaded to play when i want (like during boring lectures)

  102. Kliff

    I would love to have Epic battle fantasy 4 on steam because I love the entire series and constantly play them ahaha I love talking to all the npcs and fighting the bosses I’ll admit I’ve gotten stuck a few times but yeah I just want it because I love your work and I love the dialogue and music I just want the game okay :shades: :stars: :love2:

  103. Barfix

    I would love to have both of them but i prefer EBF4, much more fun in my opinion.

    Happy new year ! :stars: :yay:

  104. Kyosuke

    I would like to have EBF4. I played and finished it on Kongregate before and loved the game a lot. Though knowing this version has more content to the one i already enjoyed is something I am really looking forward to. :love:

  105. Plantszaza

    I’ve already bought EBF4 yesterday, so I want BH2 key please.
    These game are amazing that I would pay full money on it :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:

  106. Rihzome

    I would have say I would prefer EBF IV. I remember spending hours on some of boss battles on Epic difficulty, just learning the attacks and best ways to fight them. They make up some of my fondest memories of flash games over the past few years, and I’d love to do that again, on battle mountain, against the more difficult bosses.

  107. Avadonia

    Would really like BH2 because my GF will visit soon after christmas and it would be great to play with her ! (she’s alway saying i’m bad at bullethell let me prove her she’s wrong ! :shades: )

  108. NyuuNeeChan

    Would love a key for either. While i have EBF4 and am about to buy BH 2, it would be a perfect gift for a friend.

  109. Jonathan Holmberg

    Would love a key for BH 2. Would have bought it at the release date but was kind of preoccupied with XCX at the time. Might as well try for the free steam key before I buy it. Already have EBF 4 on both Kongregate and Steam but I guess I could try to get some of my friends interested if won that key. :yay:

  110. Akledam

    I already have EBF4 and have beaten it 100%, but I have yet to play BH2 but really want it as I played the first BH and enjoyed it and have alot of hopes for it’s sequel and thought why not try my luck for it.

    I love your games Matt. :love: , and I really hope to see EBF5 in the future.

  111. Phillip Park

    It would be amazing to have EBF4 on steam. I played it on kongregate, but having it ready for me to play, even offline, would be magical. I love your work, and it honestly made me lose interest in other adventure games because they were not nearly as enjoyable as your EBF series :stars: …I’m not sure that’s necessarily a good thing, but nonetheless, props to you for creating these amazing games. Have a happy holidays, Matt! :yay:

  112. Klemens Huber

    The decision between those two is a tough one, but i would love to have the steam key for EBF4 more. It is funny, simple to play and wonderful to play. It is THE Best Adventure game, that is aviable everywhere on the net and for free.

    I don’t think, that i have more reason than every other fan of yours to get a key, but i still would love to be one of the keyholders.

  113. Chi Dung Tran

    I would like get Bullet heaven 2, because i have EBF4, in steam. I like bullet heaven 2 soundtrack also wanna learn play some shooting games :yay: . I have played your other game and i think EBF3 was best one :stars: . Anyways Merry Christmas :shades: .

  114. Deos

    Hi Matt, I’ve always been a fan of your games, starting with brawl royale, then EBF 1 and 2, after that, I followed you on deviantart and I’va always enjoyed your games. EBF 4 is still one of my favorite flash games to this day and I would love to try out the additional contents ( I would prefer a kongregate version).

  115. Aqman

    Found your EBF 3 on Armor Games a few years ago and it was one of the best flash games I’ve ever played and it still is today :yay: . Played a bit of EBF 4 (the free one) on AG and because of that, there are certain locked content that I’d like to try in EBF 4 on Steam. :smirk:

    p.s. I would like to apologize in advance as I am not a native English speaker so there will be silly mistake in my sentence.

  116. Evios

    Dear Santa Kupo,

    For this year’s Christmas I would like a copy of Bullet Heaven II on steam, I have always been a fan of your games and Phyrnna’s music. I have been a fan since EBF3 came out and enjoyed playing every single series. I wish you guys all a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year~ yay~~!!

    Love Evios.

  117. Jonathan Matthew

    I remember when I first stumbled upon Epic Battle Fantasy a few years back.
    New CRT desktop (the ones that look like small TV’s) and I was pumped to play some online games using my dad’s trusty internet-for-an-hour-card.
    Big RPG fan back then and ’til now. Seeing your game, I was beckoned to just check it out.
    Needless to say, I was quite confused as to why it reminded me of Final Fantasy so much; but got instantly hooked.
    Years pass by and I stumble upon EBF 2. Same battle system, albeit different armors, attacks, enemies, skills, etc.
    Then came EBF 3. I absolutely loved that game.
    I’d say a really clooose tie to the Mardek series.
    RPG’s are my absolute favorite genre in games. And you, good sir, have enriched my childhood experience.
    For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    I apologize for the wall of text, and would like to humbly ask for a copy of Epic Battle Fantasy 4 on Steam.

    Merry Christmas, happy new year, and best of luck to Epic Battle Fantasy 5 and all of your upcoming projects!

  118. Wiktor

    Hah… I wanna Bullet Heaven, because I have EBF 4. :yay: :yay: :yay: EBF5 style… It’s not great. I prefer EBF4 style. Matt can you leave this style ? :meh: :meh: :meh: :meh: :meh: :meh:

  119. articfox

    would defintly love a copy of EBF4 on steam just finished my first play trough and i want to be able to play the extended edition a ton :smirk: :yay: :yay: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :stars: :shades:

  120. Roy Elliott

    If I win, I would like Bullet heaven 2.

    I have gotten EBF4 and thoroughly enjoyed it, and would like to play through Bullet heaven 2 after the first one.

  121. Sewenda

    I’ve played EBF 1 – 4 and BH 1 and 2 on Kongregate and i loved it. I followed you even on deviantart, cause i like your art and animations. I would buy EBF4 on steam but i haven’t got the money for. It would be an awesome gift for my sister, because she likes the EBF series too. I wish you merry chrismas and a happy new year, bro. And do on so. :stars: :shades: :yay:

    Maybe i can return the favor sometime. A the time i learn some programming-languages and try to develop my on game but i still a newbe and it will took some time till i will be good in it but i think i could help you, if you want. Of cause for free. I will support you to make even better games. I would be pleased if you will send me an mail and get an answer from you, your team and No Legs Kitty. :hurray:

  122. Tsukiyomaru Zero

    I’d love to have Bullet Heaven 2 as to further help in development should any new change ever happen

  123. AranKirostok

    Well I haz EBF4 and been playin’ all of series before and it’s awesome and you’re awesome and your last name is polish and I’m polish so that totally doesn’t make sense but it’s also Christmas so I wouldn’t say no to a free copy of BH2 😀

  124. AdamISGaming (AdamHariszBestG)

    :stars: If I were to get a key I will pick BH2 on the Kongregate version :yay: since I don’t have Steam :bleh: More bosses, characters, more everything, since I’m a fan of shooter games :smirk: EBF4 was a good RPG, but BH2 was better! ~Adam

  125. KingDarkblade

    I’d love a copy of BH2, I’ve loved all your games since EBF 1. Unfortunately as of late I’ve been strapped for cash, especially with the holidays, so I can’t really afford it. Winner or no I wish you and everyone a Happy Holidays and a wonderful new year. May it bring you epic loot :stars:

  126. Garro

    I would love to have BH2 specially since it have been a lot since I play a bullet hell game (Touhou 8 was the last one if i remember correctly).

    I have played every EBF so far, looking forward EBF5!

  127. aLpHaBeTa

    Would love a copy of EBF4, definitely one of the best, if not the best, online flash RPGs. Love the art, the jokes, the game play, the skill animations. Lots of fun no matter how many times I play it.

  128. maciej spakowski

    I’d love a copy of Bullet Heaven 2. Im a die-hard shmup fan, and own about 40 different hard copies of shmups ranging from the NES to Dreamcast to PC to Handhelds! Would love it! thanks. :love2:

  129. IFlyAnXWing

    I’d love to win a copy of Epic Fantasy Battle 4 🙂

    RPGs are my favorite genre of games to play, probably because that’s what the first game I played was 🙂

  130. Tyler

    Id love to win one of the keys for either game! me and my big bro love playing both and helping each other out on strategies :bacon: .

  131. Godwin Saure

    I would really love an EBF4 key! EBF has been one of my favorite rpg series (idk how I just found it on Kongregate one day) still to this day. It would be so cool to see what else is in the store with the game. After all, I’ve spent >10 hours into the game, and like 40 hours into the series. :yay:

  132. Derek Zhao

    I’d really love to get BH2. I fell in love with your EBF series the moment the first one came out, and when Bullet Heaven came out, I was completely ensnared into its beautiful design and gameplay. :love2:

  133. HokkaiRings

    EBF 4

    I’ve been a fan of the EBF series since EBF 2 and especially 3 piqued my interest in the games, continuing with 4 on steam would be fantastic :hurray:

  134. Zakihara

    I have been playing the games and loving the music since the very start. The games have come a long way and changed since the first one. I would absolutely love to have EBF4 on steam. I would like to wish you much luck on any future products that you make and I hope they are as awesome as all the rest. :stars: :love2:

  135. SV2IB

    I would like a key for BH2, but you really shouldn’t give me one. I am compelled to play every shooter/shmup/bullet hell game I encounter, and I am in need of professional help to stop. Giving me this game for free will only deepen my obsession, so whatever you do, definitely DON’T give me a key.

  136. Shaun Eng

    Have been a fan since EBF2 but don’t have money to buy EBF4 on steam even though I really want it. But chances of winning giveaways are like 0.01 or something 😥

  137. wingcap

    I actually got the expansion pack for EBF4 on Kongregate and bought EBF4 on Steam, I didn’t realize you could ask for a code if you got the expansion pack on Kongregate first.

    But since I already have EBF4 I thought I’d test my luck for a Bullet Heaven 2 code.

  138. DInobun

    Having EBF4 on steam for free would be AMAZING even though I’ve already 100% completed it through Kongregate. I’ve been playing the EBF series for over 6 years starting with EBF2 and as a true JRPG fan, EBF is surely the best! (and free.) :yay:
    I’m poor as well. 😥

    Aside from that, I can’t wait to ruin my health by pulling continuous all-nighters once EBF5 is released!

  139. Piro Tran

    I remember seeing the first EBF on Newgrounds years ago being on the front page and slogged through all of the main games including the spin-off. Never thought i would see EBF4 on Steam so i bought that and finished it too along with finishing it on EPIC difficulty :yay: Now to see BH2 on Steam i’m taking up the challenge on earning the achievements on the game even if it means i have to spend countless hours towards it. 😥 (Already spent 45 hours on EBF4) ❗

    To summarize, i would like a Bullet Heaven 2 steam key. :stars:

  140. JohnMiner

    I have played all your games several times. Already beat EBF4 so i will very happy if you can send me Bullet Heaven 2. Thanks. :yay:

  141. StrawberryMagic

    Loved all your work since the beginning, whether i get a key or not i just want you to know how much i love your work, if i were to get a key iBH2 would be prefered as i dont own it, but i would be happy to share EBF4 with a friend alternatively, anyways keep being amazing.

  142. Justin Cretible

    I just bought EBF4 and BH2 yesterday, but I’d love to have a copy of either to gift to a friend. I know he’d love either game. Keep up the good work!

  143. radastorm2

    I’d like ebf4 because i played the ebf games ever since i was a kid and i’m on steam a lot now, so i’d love to play the games again :hurray:

  144. Hai

    Hey! I would love to have a key to BH2. I’m a big fan of bullet hells and played a ton of the first Bullet Heaven. I love your series and been following for a while now, keep up the good work! 🙂

  145. SomaSam

    Well this is hilarious, most posts on any of your stuff by far.

    I still plan on buying Bullet Heaven 2 but I will go for a key just to give to a friend or something.

  146. seppy

    I would enjoy a key for EBF5 because I’ve played all the other 4 and I’ve loved them a lot. I wasn’t able to get the steam version for EBF4 so it’d be nice to get it for 5 :smirk:

  147. Dragonslayer

    i would love to have EBF4 because i have been playing all of your games and i really like them but i’ve never been able to complete EBF4 because my browser has been deleting it and i have cookies enabled but i really like the EBF series and i would love to have EBF4 in my steam library :hurray:

  148. Tamatsu

    I wouldn’t mind getting BH2. I played the first one when I found it randomly online years back, and then I played and beat the crap out of EBF2 and 3. I’m in the middle of EBF4 right now on Steam, and I’ve been looking forward to BH2 for a while now. Also my birthday is the 26th, and I can provide proof =P

  149. Kevin

    I would like EBF4 because I played EBF3 and that’s what got me to continue playing more games that you created! It was interesting playing the first two games because so much has changed.

  150. Sir Taffy

    Wow, 495 replies at the time of writing this message, and not even a day after this began! Those are not very good odds, slightly more than a 2% chance. Oh well, I just want to say that your work, your games, YOU are legendary! You had me hooked when EBF3 came out on armorgames over 5 years ago. When it first came out, I played the game to completion. I’ll be honest, I forgot about your game, but every year I have an epiphany and come back to play your game to completion again. When the sequel came, jaws were dropped, specifically mine. Playing your games always brings me nostalgia and reminds me of the golden age of flash games. If on the off chance you choose me as one of the lucky men/women to receive a copy of your game, I would prefer EBF4 if it is not too much to ask. I hope you have a lovely Christmas/New Years, as well as anyone else who decides to read this message. Happy Holidays!

  151. Rei

    Oh man I’d LOVE to have the full version of EBF4 on Kongregate!! One of my favorite parts of RPG is the whole “New Game+” thing, and the previews for all the cool stuff in the full version seem awesome :stars: . Also, in my country it’s kinda difficult to buy stuff like this online, sadly (though I’m hoping that’ll change in the future, especially for gift cards x_x rip me), so I want to thank you for doing a giveaway! It’s really nice of you.

    Good luck to everyone, too! :yay:

  152. l3h3l

    Hi, I really love your stuff. I’m hooked since Epic Battle Fantasy 3 came out. Though I’m mostly an EBF fan I might pick up Bullet Heaven 2 if I don’t win the prize because you deserve it. I already own a Steam copy of EBF 4 and I even making a Let’s Play out of it on Hard( not much popularity, but every little bit is matters right). Keep up the good work and know one thing the supporters are always at your back :yay:

    Merry Christmas, and much more success.

    Have great day,

  153. Atzerri

    I Loved EBF4 great to replay and love the sound tracks. I wish to give my same support to Bullet heaven 2, which is also i wish to have. Always loved the sound tracks the games have. They always set the mood just right at times. Even if i don`t get picked i will cont. to support you for many more games to come.

  154. Base Gumnwolf

    I would love Bullet Heaven 2 because I have and love all of your other games so much! Tbh you’re one of my most favorite game developers because i actually put hours into your games (i have over 200 hrs in EBF4 on Steam)

  155. Jose Miranda

    I would love to get Bullet Heaven 2, Bullet Heaven 1 was a challenge to beat. I still haven’t managed to beat Oblivion on it. The Epic Battle Fantasy series is epic, so keep up the good work. Stay awesome.

  156. KK

    I’ve been playing your games religiously since I first found EBF2 on Newgrounds years ago, but I’m a little short on cash from the holidays and can’t really afford BH2. I’d love to get the chance to play it and I’ll continue to support you and Phyrnna regardless. Keep up the good work and I’m really looking forward to EBF5!

  157. RikuoTanaka

    I would love to get EBF4! The game is really good, because it actually makes you think about the strategies you use to fight the bosses, and sometimes regular enemies as well. Also nice graphics!

  158. BlueWolf90

    I would love to get Bullet Heaven 2 on Steam. I’ve been a fan of the EBF series since the third one and I enjoy these amazing flash games which the creators put the time, effort, and heart into making these games. You actually don’t see much of that on places like Newgrounds and Kongregate. You really are a diamond in the rough. :stars:

  159. Nait

    I want Epic Battle Fantasy IV


    Or if you can i would like Bullet Heaven 2 xD

  160. Gabriel

    Oh, Matt… I don’t know if I’m able to express how much I love all of your series in a few words, but it’s really worth the try! I mean, even if I don’t win, I just want to let you know that you yourself made me love flash games back in Epic Battle Fantasy 1! It has been a while since I’ve played all of them, I still remember the day when I finally defeated Godcat in Bullet Heaven 1 at the hardest mode, I’ve unlocked all the medals and it felt so good, so rewarding. What about Adventure Story? It’s awesome how you can make a game totally different with a wonderful gameplay! You are just incredible and deserves all this success. I want to see you getting rich with your awesome series! <3

    It also has been a while since I've found a game in which I felt in love for each single character. They are so incredible, funny and work wonders together! Their interaction is just… a masterpiece! Lance and Natalie are the most special ones to me. =)

    All that time I've spent playing your games at Newgrounds was so, so rewarding and joyful. It's true that I've faced a sad moment when my cache was cleared (or something like this) and I lost all my progress at EBF 4, I've just reached the final dungeon… It really poured cold water on my plans, but it didn't make me stop loving your games, even though I still have to complete the game. Therefore, I'd love to have a key for EBF4 at Kongregate^^

    Well, I guess that's it. I still play all of your games and I'm even proud to say that I was a "beta tester" for Bullet Heaven 2, I loved to play that at your site! Much love and congratulations for being the best game developer of flash games of all Internet! ^-^

    PS: whenever I play with NoLegs, I secretly say "Go, NoLegs!". Meow! :3

  161. Godlvl1

    I would mostly prefer a copy of Epic Battle Fantasy 4 to actually give away myself, considering I JUST started streaming it. BUT I do not own Bullet Heaven 2 yet, and I would like to stream THAT after EBF4. Up to you to decide, or to give to someone else, I already planned on buying 3 copy of EBF4 for giveaway to viewers.

  162. Si-Tong Luu

    I love your EBF3 and EBF4 games :love: I feel so sad when I finished EBF4 but then I heard you are making EBF5! I am so happy :yay: you I love Phyrnna music that goes along with your games, I must admit Divine Madness song is my favourite so far haha I haven’t play bullet heaven 2 yet so I hope I win just its steam key; I am looking forward to the gang commentary and the game itself looks amazing :stars:

  163. Wegra

    I want Bullet Heaven 2. I’ve been a big fan of your work since EBF1 and of course Bullet Heaven is an amazing game for being a bullet hell. Since we dont get many of those in America let alone in flash format (Or whatever you made it in) This game really is a joy to play.

  164. Terence Chan

    Bullet Hell 2 would be awesome man, I used to play Bullet Hell all the time on Kongregate, now I’ll want to see what changes you’ve made 😀

  165. Guilherme

    I want BH2 ’cause EBF series are so cool that they make me wanna play a type o game that I hate. Just like my friends made me buy CS:GO even though I let the entire world know that I hate FPS too. BH2 is awesome <3

  166. dasct123

    I would love EBF 4. I had played every single Epic Battle Fantasy as they came out and I’ve been so attached to the characters. After beating EBF online in flash, I thought that the steam version would be the same so I never bothered buying it. But, that was quite a while ago so I would love to replay the game. I also did my research and found a ton of new features! It would be cool to get a key (But I’m buying it anyway. STEAM SALES!). :stars:

  167. james336340

    Hmm well I would love to have the steam versions of these games but my luck isn’t the best but who knows. I have always loved these games and will play them regardless of if I have the premium or not.

  168. Skadina

    Epic Battle Fantasy 4, I played the kongregate version a lot at school, but the Steam version is the one I want because I’ll probably lose the kongregate version somehow 😐

    Of all the game series I’ve played on Kongregate, both Epic Battle Fantasy and Gemcraft have managed to make themselves constantly better in later installments. Epic War used to be on that list, and recently, so did Strike Force Heroes.

    EBF4 being in my opinion the best RPG (By mechanics and gameplay) on the entire website to this day. The visual style is consistent throughout, even with the areas and locales changing constantly. Mechanically the game is sound, there is no obvious “best tactic” or glaring exploits. The resistance system can be toyed around with extensively, and reaching 100% or above resistance in three elements along with autorevive makes you feel like nothing can take you down. Also having a combination of two NoTail attacks, Valkyria barrage, air strike and poison gas ending the fight before it even really started feels extremely satisfying.

    I am not that much of a story person, I do glance over the text that the character say, but pay no further attention to the overarching story. So uh.. thanks for skippable cutscenes.

    On the downsides, some of the longer fights with thunder enemies can end up with most of your team getting stunned from the first impact, and because you don’t have clothing presets, having to escape, switch out and compare almost every single piece of individual gear for every single team member so that most of the team heals from electricity or atleast has a very low, or no chance of getting stunned. And then swapping it around when that area is done with and enemies stop using thunder. Some of the mechanics are a bit obstructed, which is a shame. For example, how likely am I to stun someone with a single thunderbolt? Am I more or less likely to do it with the three-strike version?

    When you’re casting spells, how much damage you deal is also bit of a guesswork, when you factor in the resistances alongside your magic attack, spell power, magic attack buffs and the enemy’s magic defense and magic defense buffs. Maybe adding a “predicted damage” debuff to enemies by a scanbot could give him more usability later on.

    Also, allow us to shorten the summon animations somehow. :love2: .

  169. Jerry Zhang

    I’d like a Kongregate key for EBF4. Fantastic RPG, and I’d like to access the bonus content to progress even further.

  170. Dontris

    my kong name is dontris and i would want bh2 because i already bought like 10+ copies of ebf4 :hurray: for me n friends none which really ended up playing it but hey anything to help support ur games cant wait till ebf5 :stars:

  171. Elf Boy

    :meh: i am posting on this in the hopes that i get a copy of EBF4, because i am a bit of a selfish person who exploits opportunities to save money. that, and i am happy with the idea of new gameplay features where you pay not for new gear, but for the possibility of earning it in satisfying gameplay.

  172. Darkussj

    I would love to get a key for Epic Battle Fantasy 4 because I really loved it and I played through the 3 games and I am still playing through the 4th one but on Kongregate and it will be amazing to have it on steam and I won’t having problems with saves because my browser crashes a lot X’) and thanks for making such amazing and funny games. :smirk:

  173. Michael

    Well, first off, hope you have a merry Christmas Matt! :yay:

    I’d love to win a copy of EBF4. I’ve been a long time fan (Since EBF2) and as a huge fan of RPGs, jumped on the EBF4 web version the moment I saw it was out. I even snagged the expansion down the road when I had the opportunity. Now I’d love to be able to enjoy the game once more without worrying about accidentally deleting my save and at the proper speed. (As I’ve noticed with BH2, the Steam version runs a lot better than the web version does for me.)

    …Not exactly an original comment, but eh.

  174. ImJohnBlue

    Hey Matt, and a very Merry Christmas to you.
    A long time ago a good friend and fellow gamer recommended I play Golden Sun, which he had just bought for Gameboy Advance. I watched him play on our old ‘fatscreen’ TV (through the pre-wifi voodoo power of the Gameboy Player for Gamecube TM) and yes, the bright colours and interesting music entertained in much the way say a watercolour painting left out in the rain might amuse for a while; it distracted from the dull and dreary.
    Sadly the reams of text and vast swathes of time spent editing statistics, engaging in commerce and dealing with human resource management all looked too much like work to me. He also recommended Final Fantasy VII, Chrono-Trigger, Earthbound and many more all of which I never ever got round to playing. They weren’t “my kind of games”.
    Now I find myself bored by the FPS genre; and the open-world-sandbox-death-filled-playgrounds that I have spent so much of my gaming life frolicking in, no longer sate my new found hunger for some compelling plot and rich character development.
    Perhaps it is time I take my friend up on his long held advice that the RPG genre is worth investigating. Perhaps Epic Battle Fantasy 4 is the game to try. Perhaps the Overwhelmingly Positive review is accurate and this game kicks major butt. Perhaps it is a great combination of all those games I’ve ignored; condensed, remixed and released for a new initiate into the world of such games to enjoy. Perhaps through the miracle of Christmas magic and long-winded comments a Steam key will reach out to me and I’ll get to try it with no obligation. Perhaps I’ll buy the darn thing anyway, it’s on sale after all! (But who doesn’t like an unexpected Christmas present?!)
    You know he also once recommended Ikaruga…

    Best wishes; peace and love. :yay:

  175. firekirby135

    Man, all these comments are either a testament to how many people lurk on your blog, or simply the lengths at which people will go to get free stuff. XD

    Anyways, I don’t actually need either, but if I could get a copy of EBF4, I’d love to gift it to a friend of mine. He’s a huge fan of RPGs and, somehow, has completely missed out on the EBF games. I think a gift copy to give to him would be an awesome little surprise, and if he likes it enough, I might even be able to convince him to snag EBF5 once that starts selling as well. 😉

  176. Nathan Lin

    I’ve been a huge fan of your EBF series ever since I ran across EBF3 back in 2011. Since then, I’ve played every single EBF related game including Brawl Royale and Mecha Dressup… I’ve always loved your writing style and the art that comes with all your games. And that music. Oh wow you found the perfect artist for the job. I love the music so much that I’ve transcribed a ton of them by ear to sheet music on Noteflight. I would be thrilled to have a copy of EBF4. I’ve completed EBF3&4 each at least 3 times as they keep getting deleted, so it’d be amazing to have a Steam version that doesn’t delete.

  177. Kyle Muzyczka

    I want a copy of EBF4 so I can give it to my friends and convert them into rpg fans muahahaha!
    (also my friend doesn’t like flash for some reason. This will change his mind :p)

  178. Snufleupaguss

    I would love to get Bullet Heaven 2, I have beaten EBF 4 multiple times and just bought it on steam a few days ago, I love all your work and can’t wait for more in the future. 😀

  179. Fabián García

    I want Epic Battle Fantasy 4 since that’s the game I’m aiming to get this year,I haven’t gotten the enough money to buy it though 😥 .
    PS:I thought of buying it in christmas since it’s my birthday,but I also got some plans for the money I’ll receive,so I dunno if I’ll have enough for the game

  180. Savely Silkin

    I have played through all of your games and have enjoyed all of them, unfortunately i am too poor to afford games, I love all of you Kupo, even back on newgrounds I loved all of your content

  181. Vincent Nguyen

    Since I have already purchased EBF4, I would like to have a chance to get BH2.

    The reason? There is 2:

    1. I have played the EBF series for a while and would like to try out this spinoff. :yay:

    2. I just like free stuff. You can’t blame me for the right…….right? ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓

  182. Maverick Klotz

    I’ve played ebf1-4, bullet heaven, and just bought ebf 4 on steam (even though I’m low on funds) because I enjoy these games so much and if I get a steam key for bullet heaven 2 I might pass out with joy :stars:

  183. Kuha

    I’ve already completed EBF4 twice, so instead of wishing a key for it, I wish to get a key for BH2! I was so excited when I first time saw that you were developing it, because it combined two things I love: the great quality of your games and the bullet hell genre!

    When you published the beta version of BH2, I immediately fell on love with it. It had so great gameplay and it was easy to see how much effort you had put on creating it!

    So… The main reason for wishing the steam key for BH2 is that the game is so awesome that I actually want to complete it 100 %, including that I can unlock the extra content that isn’t available in the free version and use them to experiment different playing styles on game. And of course it’s always nice to earn achievements on Steam! :shades:

    And by the way, Merry Christmas! :love2:

    Sincerely, Kuha

  184. James Patrick

    i played the other EBF and i think the demo for Bullet Heaven 1, i’d love to play EBF4 on Steam and not just a flash game :stars:

  185. Thomas Allen

    I never was a fan of FF style games but as I was cruising Kong I saw what appeared to be a very fun game, EBF3. As I started playing I felt immediately invested in a strange quirky world. Between Natz’s attempts to stay a ‘good’ person, Matt’s desire to eat anything that isn’t his comrades, and Lance’s not so subtle attempts to ‘observe’ Natz, not to mention everyone’s fav cat No Legs. I was thoroughly impressed with the game and disappointed it wasn’t longer. Then I learned that a new entry was released. Once more the gang’s famous shenanigans can continue, along with a new likable character. Anna was very strange fit for the party but hey someone has to be the voice of reason. After another long adventure it came to an end and I was kinda sad. I learned there was paid dlc, which is something I have to be cautious about since I have a very small game budget. Unfortunately I don’t have the cash so I cannot but this enticing dlc. Now on top the whole game is on Steam and yet I still can’t get what I so want. So this is my plea for 1 simple key to a world of immature humor and flash game gold.

  186. Lady Friday

    Thank you! I would like Bullet Heaven 2, as I already have EBF4.

    Already excited for EBF5, it’s gonna be amazing I just know it.

  187. Shawn Vizgan

    Personally, I would love and Eb4 key, since it really is such a good game. I like the animations, the characters are pretty funny, and the combat&tactics are really amazing. I also love how you addressed the few problems from EB3, and thus created a great game. I spent 10 hours on EB3, and 6 hours (so far) on EB4. I can’t wait to play more, and being able to play EB4 anytime I want through steam would be a dream come true.

  188. Lance

    I would love Bullet Heaven 2. I love EBF4 and i already have it, I am doing a youtube series with EBF4 which is taking quite some time to complete. I loved bullet heaven, and i believe Bullet Heaven 2 will be just as awesome, actually better than the first. I have loved the previous 3 EBF games and can’t wait till the 5 comes out. :yay:

  189. Den

    I’d love to win EBF4, cause I don’t actually have any money on my own. And if I had EBF4, I’d definitely buy EBF5 when it comes out just to support you. Thanks for making awesome games, and Merry Christmas!
    Iloveyou :love:

  190. KraakTohor

    I would like to have BH2 :stars:

    It’s been a while since I played BH2 on Kongregate and I feel like you miss a lot for not having the extra content :bleh: I’ve been trying to save some money to buy both games and play them with some friends, but it’s hard for a teenager to save money 😐
    I would be really thankful if I had that steam key :yay:

  191. Paul Goodwin

    I would like Bullet Heaven 2. I bought EBF4 a while ago, and love it to death. I’d buy BH 2, but currently I am having bank issues.
    Anyways, I love your work, and look forward to more from you in the future.

    – Paul

  192. Richard Tickler

    I haven’t played Bullet Heaven 2 yet, so that would be the one I would choose. But I do love the Epic Battle Fantasy series, so anything would be just dandy to me. :stars:

  193. Ezios

    It would be nice to jump from touhou games for a while and see how it is to play Bullet Heaven 2. First part was sometimes quite challenging so i hope the second part wont be a disappointment :P.

  194. matirion

    I would like Bullet Heaven 2. Not for myself but for a friend of mine. I want to show him how fun the game can be. Even though he isn’t one to normally play bullet hell games, I think he would enjoy it.

  195. Matheus Balani

    Bullet Heaven 2, because I’ve already played the Newgrounds version and the last boss was beyond epic! :stars:

  196. Gabriel Otavio de Castro

    :love2: Really would appreciate Bullet Heaven 2, but I accpet any one.. Played all EBFs already (and waiting for EBF5!!).

    By the way, merry christmas and a happy new to you! :yay:

  197. Arthur

    Wow this is awesome! I already have EBF4, 100% completion on EBF4, would love to get BH2, will buy one at some point

  198. Sky Roxine

    I´d like Bullet Heaven 2 because looks like a fun game, specially because i love this kind of game so much >w< Also i already bought a copy of Epic Battle Fantasy for me and can´t wait to play it too. Thanks for the chance ^^

  199. Modern Minor General

    I would like Bullet Heaven 2 for Steam, but I’d much prefer it if you made it 15% off rather than 10% off because I have 10.17, just a little bit off 10.89. (Or I could just increase my funds but I’m cheap.) I already have 2 copies of EBF4 so BH2 would be better.

  200. DIlan emir leon ramirez

    Well i dunno how to express my selff well while writing it in English so i’ll do it in spanish instead:
    Hola ,mi nombre es dilan emir leon ramirez , de mexico sonora, empeze a conozer las series de EPIC BATTLE FANTASY cuando tenia 9 años de edad, lo jugaba en newgrounds en una windows 98…. el primero que jugue fue el primer juego pero este ya tenia tiempo desde que salio, lo jugue me gusto y la mentablemente nunca pude terminarlo se me aun asi lo jugaba intentando una y otra vez venserlo solo en difficultad epic., despues de tantos intentos me rendi y como un poco de tiempo despues encontre el segundo juego de imediato , tampoco pude terminarlo , pero aun asi lo jugaba. en resumen: me gustan las series 😀
    despues de un tiempo recorde las series de nuevo las jugue los termine y casi consigo todas las medayas :c (estupido newgrounds y tu sistema de medallas adicctivo).
    hasta recientemente he descubrido steam y solo jugaba tf, pero recorde que EBF4 estaba en steam , lo busque y quize comprarlo pero lamentable mente no tengo tarjeta de credio y no pude comprarlo, hasta que un amigo que dijo que se podia comprar juegos de steam sin tarjeta de credito ., despues de eso me puse ahorrar un poco de dinero y me compre ebf4 , y justo cunado lo compre decia en la pagina de facebook de EBFSeries que bullet heaven 2 saldra el 12 de diciembre me emocione pero no puedo comprarmelo (hay que cosas que pagar) y ese seria el juego que quisiera

    me gane uuna llave de steam o no , no importa . tu sigue poniendo empeño a tus juegos tarde o temprano vaya a comprarlos (mas probable que sea tarde….) y no te desesperes entus proyectos y tomate un descanso de ser necesario, sin mas que decir adios

  201. Akutarex

    Hi, i’m from Hu3Hu3 Island (Brazil), and Bullet Heaven 2 will improve my MLG level :shades:
    Steam: Akutarex (With a Swag Dog Profile Picture)

  202. Shard

    I’d like Epic Battle Fantasy 4.

    The RPG itself is very standard– I have seen plenty of elements inside it that are from others, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 😐

    It has so many different things that make the RPG itself so very unique and special, and the characters are truly easy to get attached to, even enough to…ship them? :bleh:
    The art style is one i’ve never seen before– it’s not incredibly detailed in terms of reality, but it has such a cartoony effect to it that I wouldn’t want it any other way.
    I know very well i’m not going to win– i’m just another kissass among thousands, aren’t I?

  203. Cosmoxander

    Hm, my argument for why i want to win this?
    Well, I’ll be honest, it’s to get free stuff and that I like your games. nothing more, nothing less.

    And which one i want? EBF4 (steam version) if it’s possible AND if i have won. I prefer RPG’s.

    Now i’ve given my answers, I’d like to wish you and everyone else a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    (Also, Congratz to the winners, in case if i won’t be available for a while :P)

  204. jared116815

    Hello the game I would love to try to get is Bullet Heaven 2. I actually fell in love with your games when I first stumbled on to Epic Battle Fantasy 4 on Armor Games since then I have played almost all of the games you have made on Armor Games. Now that I have noticed that your making games for steam I had to try to buy something so I saved money to get Epic Battle Fantasy 4. Now I am trying to get Bullet Heaven 2 and I thought this would be a fun and nice way to try. Love you all and have a wonderful Christmas. :love:

  205. Cyber Angel Rowan

    I am SO up for this, even though my chances aren’t great. *Looks at sheer NUMBER of comments*

  206. LeftKnight

    I would really love to get battle fantsy 4 on steam because 3 and 4 where the first RPG’s that really got me into this stuff and since then I play a lot of RPG’s I’m even replaying 4 right now and I don’t have enough money to buy it myself :yay:

  207. Wout S.

    Hey there!

    I loved playing EBF2 and 3 and played the fourth one too.
    Now I would like to replay the fourth one, but I’ve got exams to do.
    However, if I’d have the extended version I wouldn’t be able to resist anymore!

    Ps: may the fourth be with me.

  208. RSC

    I’d like EBF4 Kongregate version : I already own the steam version but can’t play it any more because PC died and I am now using a mac.
    My goal would be to go VERY far in the endless fight of battle mountain. I’ve been thinking about strategies for extremely high waves (ideally finding a way to go as high as I wish in a time proportional to the number of waves, or as high as technically possible):
    Here are some thoughts : at high enough wave,
    – most player attacks would be useless.
    – Attack and defense bonus/malus would be negligible. (Kyun useless)
    – Math behind dodge would have to be understood : a limit to max wave might be if ennemies become untouchable.
    – Might be possible to get full rage bar each time a player is hit ? Opens interesting possibilities. Have to check if rage gain per hit is limited (it was 2/3 of the bar in EBF2 when getting insta killed by skull dragon). Do we get full rage if courage saves you or is the rage limited by actual taken damage ???
    – stun, freeze and rage chances would have to be precisely figured out too.
    – Poison and fire burn would be important because it scales with ennemy HP so it might be a way fo fight ennemies with gazillions of HP.
    – doom and insta kill would also be essential.
    – have to check the bestiary to see if any ennemy is immune to all of that; if so that might set a limit to max wave.
    – have to test if some ennemies have multi hit attacks that can hit all players 3 times and could so wipe the full health brave revive party in one go. Might set the max wave limit also.
    – Some ennemies might also be made harmless if the elemental part of their attacks is high enough and not varried, a study per foe might be needed. Figuring out what ennemy can fight whith others might also be required.
    – figuring when events occur (burn, poison, doom…) is also needed. A new ennemy wave with full turn will wipe the unprepared team.

    Well you get the idea, I’d like to try “beating” unlimited …

    There’s still plenty to play with free version of BH2, so no need for me. Will likely buy it later anyway.

  209. Austin Thomas

    I already own EBF4, but I’ve adored every game since EBF2. ; – ;. It’d be super sweet and I love them all so very much.~

  210. Timothy Aurelio

    I would appreciate EBF4, the EBF series is one of my favorite game series ever. thank you for even considering giving me the game, and i hope you have a merry Christmas. :yay:

  211. Carlos Boita


    Sou brasileiro então que assim seja…Tudo começou em uma certa fase da minha vida aonde eu tava passando por mals bocados mesmo assim segui em frente…E por algum motivo quase nada me deixava humorado…Até eu ter jogado Epic Battle Fantasy 4 (Eu quero o EBF4…Pls) Então aconteceu de eu estar jogando e os personagens eram tão bem humorados mesmo nos problemas…Lance foi o personagem que mais chamou minha atenção…Vai ver é por ser só um pouquinho parecido com ele..E por fim acabei dando muita risada com seus diálogos…Principalmente com aquele…”Wow esse cogumelo é tão grande quanto meu membro” (se não me engano era isso) E esse foi um daqueles jogos que joguei por um ano e não consigo enjoar…Ele sempre foi bom e sempre será para mim, as musicas bem colocadas em cada ambiente tão bem criado…Foi um jogo que pra mim eu posso dizer…Valeu muito a pena ter jogado ele mais de uma única vez…Gostaria da versão da Steam


    I am then so be Brazilian … It all started in a certain phase of my life where I was going through mals bits still moved on … and for some reason almost nothing made me grumpy … Even I have played Epic Battle Fantasy 4 (I want EBF4 Pls …) Then I happened to be playing and the characters were so good humored even in trouble … Lance was the character who most caught my attention … Maybe it’s because it only a little like the protagonist .. finally ended up giving much laughter with his dialogues … Especially with that … ” Wow this mushroom is as big as my member ” (if I remember correctly was that) And that was one of those games I played for a year and I can not get sick … He was always good and always will be to me, well placed music in each room as well created … It was a game for me I can say … Thanks very much worth having played it more than once … I’d like to win the release of steam plea

  212. lordalexander74

    Already have EBF4 on Steam. Wouldn’t mind trying out Bullet Heaven 2, though I’m not very good at bullet hell games. Lack of patience mainly… I do enjoy the games art/music though.
    Thanks for doing this giveaway.

  213. Raj P

    I would love to get either. I’ve been meaning to pick them both up, but winning one would be very nice. I love rpgs and bullet hells, so I feel like I would enjoy either game.

  214. Zudosa

    I remember playing EPF4 on NG, but I never got to finishing. I wouldn’t mind having a fresh start on it with all of the extra goodies I couldn’t get with the free version.

  215. Anthony Williamson

    I want to have Bullet heave 2. I already have EBF 4. Love all the work yo u do. Merry Christmas.

  216. Sylpphire / Esoteriel

    Oh gosh I can’t believe i’m doing this. Honestly I want Bullet Heaven 2 for steam since I played through a bit of it on Kongregate and it’s…amazing– probably one of the best bullet-hell games i’ve ever played other than touhou; it’s like in 2nd place for me for the top 5 bullet hell game series. I’ll get epic battle fantasy 4 on steam myself during my winter break ( i’d be fine with either one but you’re only doing a steam key for one game only I think.)
    P.S Merry Christmas Matt! I hope you’ll have a good one this year~! :hurray:

  217. Phoenix_Cross

    Hey there Matt, Sorry to bother with even more words and letters. I just came here (for the steam codes) to tell you that your games are amazing and i love them all, so hyped for Nolegs in EBF5! :yay: cheers and good luck!

  218. Popcioslav

    First of all – Merry Christmas Matt!

    An secondly, as someone who used to be a huge fan of your amazing work and just now came back for more, I’d love any kind of entertainment from you again. Will probably get EBF5 when it will come out too, you deserve it man! :stars:

  219. Shizno759

    I need some Premium Bullet Heaven 2 in my life.

    For two reasons. Firstly, because I own EBF4 on Kongregate and Steam and Bullet Heaven 1 was my Jam. Secondly, a Buddy of mine wont believe me that Bullet Heaven rocks. So I need to force him to play on steam.

  220. MagicSword

    Bullet Heaven 2 would be great! I already own EBF4 on Steam, and I’d love to see what you’ve got in store for BH2. From what I’ve seen, it looks very difficult, and can a game really be called a game if it doesn’t make you want to break your desk?

  221. Kajet

    I would like BH2 since i really like shoot ’em up games and i would relly appreciate it.

    Happy hollydays sincerely :Kajet (not my real name) 👿

  222. Honzis

    I’d like Bullet Heaven 2.

    There’s nothing like getting rekt by Akron while badass music plays, now all over again, this time in danmaku style. I already finished EBF3 and EBF4, got almost all the medals on the latter (except three “Deal X damage in one hit” ones, one day I’ll get to completing that}. I’d have purchased the game already, but Christmas devoured most of my money 😥

    Anyways, keep up the good work, I bet EBF5 is going to be a blast.

  223. Froakidier

    I would love to get Epic Battle Fantasy 4! :O I didn’t get any christmas money (which sucks, sigh) and Epic Battle Fantasy 4 was my favorite game out of all of them, only because it had the one and only archer Anna. I really love archers… anyway, I’ll probably not get this key, but it’s worth a shot. I would love this for Christmas, and even if you don’t, a small reply won’t hurt! :O If you do, you would be the best person in the world and it’ll cherish my heart and sanity (wait what) and I don’t have anything to repay you back if you do. You are the best, Matt! :O :ooo:

  224. SacredSpirit123 (Kai Grieb)

    Hi! :yay: If possible, I’d like a copy of both for Kongregate, because that’s where I have my progress. :hurray: I follow you on Deviantart, and I remember asking you if I could use stuff for the forum game I was playing. You said yes, and I thank you profusely! :love: It’d be really nice if I could have both games, but I guess EBF4 will suffice, if you decide I’m worthy of your attention at all, master of games! :stars:

  225. DrDixon

    I finished Bullet Heaven on newgrounds, S on all levels. I need a new challenge, hopefully Bullet Heaven 2 is a lot more challenging! :hurray:

  226. Brian

    I was about to add EBF4 to my wishlist when I saw this, haha. Didn’t even know BH2 was on steam, but EBF in general is one of my favorite game series. I always love it when games don’t take themselves seriously, yet still have a decent story or consistency to them.

  227. RubyClarie

    I would like the Epic Battle Fantasy 4, I just love this game! I’m kinda out of money and the game didn’t make it to the christmas wishlist ( 😥 ). That would be the best christmas gift ever! I would love to finally finish the full game! I don’t even wanna count how many times I accidentaly deleted my saves or how much I’ve got screwed on gaming sites… I’ve probably got no chance but hope dies last!

  228. Christopher McCoin

    I really would like to play the full version of EBF4. EBF3 has a special place in my heart as it served as a welcome distraction in late 2010 after my wife passed away. If I do not win anything I still win as I can smile knowing that many people will get a chance to enjoy a very well thought out game that may find a special place for them as well.

  229. bbbrrr_it_cold

    I’d love to get BH2. I am currently very short on cash and would love to support you when I get the chance, but it is also looking like said chance may not be anytime soon because situations are just wonderful.

    But really, you’re awesome and I should just wait to have the money and buy it myself to support you, just like I did for EBF4.

  230. Bill Nye

    I’d really love BH2, and I only haven’t gotten it yet because I blew my money off on Fallout 4 and EBF4. Plus, the game looks really interesting from what I’ve seen, and possibly better than the first (I’ve played that for longer than I’d like to admit) and would love to have the whole collection for me and my friends to play

  231. Solv

    Bullet Heaven 2!

    I have both games (beat BH2, at the final bosses’ doorstep in EBF4), buuut I have a friend or two that’re curious about Bullet Heaven (and have a Christmas budget they’ve already pretty much used up), so I’ll give this a shot~! :yay:

  232. Shiozumi

    I really want Bullet Hell 2. I played all your games and I really,really,really like them. They have an amazing art,humour and oldschool battle system which I adore. I also played Bullet Hell on Kongregate and liked it alot as well. It was really fun and challenging experience. When i heard Bh 2 is announced I was stunned but I after buying Ebf 4 and other games I couldn’t afford it due to living in country that has different currency at it is hard for me to buy games from Steam. It would be awesome if I would get it. I’m sorry for every grammar mistake that I made,I’m not native english speaker. Merry Christmas as well. :yay:

  233. Kaptain Kirby

    I would love to get BH2, because the graphics are amazing and cute, the storyline seems great, and I’ve been wondering what bullet hells where like, but I don’t have the money at the moment bc I spent the last of it on the Steam version of EBF5 (after a year of having the flash version premium) and I’m trying to build a new computer but I’m indebting myself hugely ( I’m gonna have to owe my parents probably about 500 € :scared: ) So although I would like to get it, I can’t 😥
    Love from an American from France. :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :love:

  234. Ben

    I don’t want either because I don’t have a steam or kongregate. I’ll buy them full price once I have an account for either though. Pick the winners wisely man! :hurray:

  235. Brian

    I’d prefer a Kongregate version of BH2
    I don’t use Steam at all so far

    I love your games, and I really want to see what the premium bosses for that game are made of, and if I can beat them!
    I have actually thought about buying it, but I don’t exactly have a whole lot of extra money to spend on

  236. Marth

    I would love EB4! I still play it on Kongregate from time to time because it is one of the best games ever despite the fact that it’s a flash game! 😀

  237. crashebash321

    I am a big fan our your EBF series and would love to get my hands on bullet heaven 2, since i have already bought ebf4, i’d happily buy bullet heaven 2 instead if it was on a sale of like 50% 😛 :yay: :ooo: .

  238. groxen_nin

    Steam EBF4 would be neat for Christmas. :smirk: I don’t get games very often (not allowed :P) I really like the art (Clay Soldiers and Elementals) and experience of playing through your JRPGs. I really want to take on Battle Mountain and all the neat stuff there. (Dark Heroes and Boss Rushes)
    Current Name: groxen_nin
    Username-thingy: poosticksword

  239. William John Fernandes da Silva

    I need this Bullet Heaven2, because my friend said, “this game is awesome, the best shooter i ever played :stars: “, so please Kupo, give one key for me

  240. Lexa Yumekai

    For several weeks, I discovered EB4 on steam, and really excellent work 🙂 I like this game and if possible I would be really curious to play Bullet Heaven 2 being a big fan of shot em up and of Danmaku.

    Thank you again and well work 🙂

  241. end_of_evil

    So I think it’s funny this post has more replies than all the other ones combined. :yay: Anyway, I’d love a copy of BH2. I’d ask for EBF4 but I already have it. :tongue: I’ve been playing your games since the original Epic Battle Fantasy and just love seeing all the progress you’ve made since then. It is honestly very impressive. :shades:

  242. abel

    their games have improved a lot since juge fantasy epic battle to worthwhile :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon:

  243. Andrés Francisco

    I want to get a key for EBF4 because i want to become a game developer and i’d like to know which software do you use to make games ❓ , i’m guessing you made the EBF games with a version of RPGMaker but i still don’t know what you could have made the BH games with :smirk:

  244. StormRapier

    If I were to choose on the two, Epic Battle Fantasy 4 would be my pick.
    Though, I’m not really a fan of RPGs in general, just having the thought of how long I should spend my time on grinding to beat a certain level, is really not the best way to spend my time with. But the Epic Battle series was different. Not even a second it bored me. I was capitivated by the art the 1st time I saw it and kept looking for more.

    The reason I would like to have the key of the game is really just simple and unoriginal. It is so that I can play it without having to worry with my progress being gone and also the idea of not having the trouble to open up my browser just to play EBF is just fantastic. Ofcourse the extra content the steam version has is awesome.

    Keep up with your greatwork!! God Bless and Have a Merry Christmas!!! 🙂

  245. Travis Rogers

    I would really love to have a steam version of EBF4, I’ve played the Kongregate version of the game and bought as many extras I could for it, it’s been awhile since I’ve last played it would like to try it on Steam. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 0-0 :yay: :love2: ❗

  246. Jessy Nadeau

    BH2 would be amazing to have ^^
    all youre games are awesome
    juste played all of them. i just love you matt
    thank you for your caring
    it means a lot to us
    stay awesome <3

  247. garyosaur

    i would like bullet heaven 2 because i thought the first game was really amazing and one of the only bullet hell games i could find online that were actually good. also because im broke

  248. AmjayGames

    I really want a copy of this game!!
    I love it even now after all this time!!
    And… i didn’t fight the new bosses when it was on Kongregate.
    :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:

  249. The Blue Belt

    Thank you for these give aways. :love2:
    Marry Christmas and a happy newyear.
    May most of your wishes come true.

    1. The Blue Belt

      Forgot to tell why. Well it is quite simple.
      First: a giveaway which requirs no social media.. awesome.
      Second: It is a lovely opportunity to get to play your games.
      Well thats it i guess.
      Again thank you.

  250. Ludecil

    I’d love to play Epic Battle Fantasy 4. I’ve been following your work since EBF2, and I love everything you’ve done with the series. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to play EBF4 on Kongregate, but this might present the perfect opportunity to try it out!

  251. Alessandro Sivo

    “My Boyfriend introduced me this series and I loved it, it will be a wonderful gift and game to play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 together!”

  252. your father



    so yup (: give ME THAT DAMN BF4 :shades:

  253. Josh

    I loved your epic battle fantasy games on kongregate, i’m always excited to see your updates on the new one. A while ago I got a steam account and I have wanted to play EBF4 on it, but I have been busy having to deal with school and family.

    Happy Holidays!

  254. Quote

    I have completed both EBF 4 and BH 2 but couldn’t buy the complete version, so it would be nice to play them again in the full version to see what I missed.

  255. Gintoki

    I’d like a copy of EBF4

    The entire EBF series and even Battle royal (this kinda got me into the series) will always have a special place in my heart :stars: . The first 2 EBF games were so fun (and a little too difficult at times) but when the third one released I was blown away by the sight of Lance in the party, the story, the open-ish world, the crafting and the little secrets but I felt a piece of it was missing without the summons. And when EBF4 finally dropped it brought back the summons and added a new character. The Godcat fight was pretty rage-inducing at times but the ending was well worth the salt. And kudos to HFX/Phyrnna, she did an amazing job on the soundtrack :love:. I thought I’ll give this giveaway a try since I can’t afford the game on Steam 😥

    Merry Christmas to you all! :yay:

  256. Luffyxnami

    Hmmm I think I would like a key of Epic Battle Fantasy 4. I can’t say I have a really spectacular reason of why I want it, besides the fact that I’ve loved your series of Epic Battle Fantasy. They were always fun and the art was adorable haha. :yay:

  257. Davide Longobardi

    I was very young when i first played Epic Battle Fantasy one and I enjoyed it so much, when I realized the series was expaning and going on some years later wow… I was so hyped.

    Didn’t play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 yet, I would totally do it!

  258. Minimarg

    I love the EBF series and haven’t played them in ages, would love to get a copy of EBF4 or BH2.
    (Probably gonna buy em anyway) good luck to everyone and have a wonderful Christmas ^^ :ooo:

  259. Jehearo

    Hi ^^ love the games and it would be really cool to win a key for the fourth EBF 🙂
    Merry Christmas to everyone :smirk: :smirk:

  260. 1st Level Cleric

    I had a lot of fun playing EBF4. and I’d love to play more of BH2 than the demo. I’ve also got some friends who I’d like to show more of your stuff. It’s really cool that you’re doing this giveaway! :yay:

  261. Lunar

    Love the series and would love a key…Already have EBF4 but BH2 would be awesome (If I get it I’d prefer kongregate for this one :3 ) Keep up with the great games 😀

  262. Realistic dreamer

    i would love ebf4 as it is one of my favorite RPGs even above final fantasy (ebf3 being my fav) I was going to buy bullet heaven 2 though haven’t really gotten around to ebf4 so if i do get this it might be time to revisit ebf4 maybe even the other games lol anyway merry Christmas to all especially you matt :yay:

  263. Erikelelf

    I would like Bullet Heaven 2 because I really want a game that gives me a lot of challenge and I am a big fan of all your games, especially the EBF series and can’t wait to see what awesome references, jokes and easter eggs you put in the game.

  264. Kowalzky

    Hi kupo!I want Bullet heaven 2, because i love bullet hells, i love ragequiting because i can’t beat a boss, i love impossible to dodge bullets! :love2: . Also i don’t know why i’m posting this because i already know that i’m not going to win :bleh:

  265. jabenero

    I would want BH2 if I won. I really want to try playing on widescreen, and replay the extra bosses. I’ve been liking the genre a lot lately, and I want to see how many hours I can rack up. 😉

  266. Luke the Duke

    Hey Matt! I fell in love with your games when I found EBF3 on Kongregate(thanks to the badges). All of the references and art style is what made me fall in love with these games. I would love a steam copy of EBF4 to play with my friend who really likes videogames and anime. Thank you and hello from DeviantArt :yay:

  267. Sasuke556

    Dear Matt,
    I would love to get steam key for your Epic Battle Fantasy 4. I really love this game and I really enjoy playing it. I really enjoy your animations, the idea of story, all those tactics, jokes, bosses, Phyrnna’s music and all the stuff about it. It’s literally my most favorite RPG game of all time. I would really love to buy it and support you, however, Im just poor student, I don’t really have a card to pay with and I don’t want to bother my parents with that. Hopefully, I will be able to buy your EBF5 (if it will be also divided on normal/premium). And so as for now I would love to snatch that full-game key, replay the whole game, now completelely full on the Epic difficulty and Rock with your muthafuckin’ badass game haha. So as I pretty much said it, Im just gonna leave this comment here and hope for miracle.
    Also: Merry Melon Christmas and Juicy New Year! ^^ (Don’t bother guessing what does that mean, I quite don’t know either, I just say it this way every year).

  268. Kurisu

    On the last years, I enjoyed so much playing Epic Battle Fantasy 1, 2 and 3 on Kongregate, and I 100%ed each of them! So far I still have to discover EBF4 , and I am sure it will be a very rich and complex games if it has the same mechanics from the prequels. Merry Christmas! :yay:

  269. Comicman1231

    Dude matt, you’re awesome! I love your games and have been with you since the first EBF, keep producing great content! I’m also on the way of making games too! Hope you wish me luck and knock’em dead bud! :skull: :coffee: :bacon:

  270. Rayn

    I would really like to revisit EBF4.

    Its one of those games that always makes my friends and I laugh. EBF has never failed to be anything short of amazing for us. Crafting, upgrading, and combat feel quite good (natural, and somewhat rewarding in the long term), and leveling skills always is a difficult decision because each has their own special place for me. Unfortunately, I have always looked for a Steam Sale of EBF4. When it does come around, I usually am a little short on cash and/or time (college is so rough at times) and by the time I think about it again, its past midnight of the shopping day and I repeat “maybe next time.

    Winning a copy here would be an amazing stroke of luck, I am sure, but would be a great way to move forward for the Christmas holiday.

  271. Sam Tran

    Bullet Heaven for sure, more things to shoot at with more things to shoot with?! What else can you ask for in a game like Bullet Heaven?! :hurray:

  272. Bob

    Hmm… guess i’d like epic battle fantasy 4 if i win.
    Honestly haven’t played since EBF1 though but i’v put off this game for too long.

  273. Joshua Bond

    I would like EBF4. I got the supporter pack on Kong and would love to have it on Steam as I have left the Kong community. 😀

  274. Nicolas

    I’ve been playing EBF4 on Steam non stop for the past 2 weeks so of course I have to get my hands on Bullet Heaven 2!

  275. SparkPlug3

    I would love to win a key of Bullet Heaven 2. I had a blast with the original and I’m looking forward to and am looking forward to torturing my roommates with multiplayer in the new one. :yay:

  276. YoshiXSaga

    I’d like EBF4, primarily for the extra challenges presented. I’ve beaten the game already, but I wouldn’t mind playing through again.

  277. ProjectTAMA

    I have loved epic battle fantasy since the second one. I love the art style, it’s very funny, the music is amazing, and is overall a very fun game series. I would really like ebf4 because of all the cool features that where not included in the kongregate version. Kupo keep up the outstanding work. :yay:

  278. Marvin Turner

    I would like Bullet Heaven 2 on steam. I already have epic battle fantasy 4. I enjoyed all the games. Keep making good games.

  279. Jon Barker

    I don’t really know if I like bullet hell games. I do know I really suck at the cathedral level on binding of isaac though, so maybe I could use the practice with a copy of BH2.

  280. Rafael Melo Marques

    I’d love to get BH2 (on steam) :stars: , I’m waiting this game for so long… played the “betas” you released of it and all, even gave some suggestions kk
    I already have EBF4 on steam, so I really dont need another copy since I don’t have any friend that seem really interested in the game 😥
    Also, I love your games, I think I played all of them already, really man, don’t ever stop making games, they ARE awesome.
    I think thats all xD
    thanks for the giveaway and have a nice christmas :yay:

  281. Neru*

    I would like to get Bullet Heaven 2 on STEAM!

    Simply because I’m really bad at Bullet Hell type of games and I love the EBF series.

    Best of luck for the upcoming year and happy holidays! :yay:

  282. Zelkova

    I already have EBF4 so Bullet Heaven 2 please. As for the reason, no offense but I’m just not a huge fun of bullet hell games and personally don’t see myself buying a copy whatsoever anytime soon. I got EBF4 just to support you as realistically speaking I could (and already had) play it for free online give or take a few minor features and items but with that said I really enjoy RPGs though and see myself playing it again in the future. Bullet Heaven 2 might be a game I would enjoy but with my backlog I only see myself playing it once and I have a personal rule where I only buy games I feel I would play again ~5 years down the road and so far it been working well.

    I wish I could just throw money at you but my budget simply don’t allow it.

  283. MerryBr

    I am Brazilian and I love game ( EBF4 ) translating the music all the easter eggs . (Me Sorry for my bad english ) :smirk:

  284. Nephyn

    I would love EBF4 steam key! I love both games but it’s been a while since I got EBF4 into my wishlist without being able to buy it 😥

  285. Lumamaster

    Ooooh, this is a really tough decision….

    In the end, I would prefer EBF4, seeing as back in the flash game era of the internet, EBF3 was by far one of my most favorite games. Granted, I was a lil’ naughty cheater at the time, but I did come back one year later to beat it legitly, which I did. Ironically, the final boss wasn’t that much of a challenge for me, after I played through EBF4 several times and knew how the game worked. Though I’ve gone off track too much. The main reason I want EBF4, is that I’ve never had money to spend on games for myself, and I’ve wanted to experience the expansion content in EBF4 for myself, and show it to the 120-some people that are subbed to my YT channel (though only about 5-6 actually pay attention to it :bleh: )

  286. TheDarkMan

    Well, i would love to win BH2, because i love Bullet Hell games, and i loved the graphics of BH2 :stars:

  287. Eeveeiott

    :bacon: I have very much so enjoyed the EBF series and currently I’m working on beating them all on Epic, but I want EBF4 not for myself. I want it for a friend who does not have the funds to purchase himself games and has been struggling with some issues in real life. He loves RPGs and I know EBF4 would be no different! :bacon:

  288. Luigi

    HEY! i would REALY LOVE to get a EBF4 key, i remember when i was arround 11-12 year old, i used to play allot of flash games and EBF and EBF2 realy sticked out from the others, when EBF 3 came out i was suprised with the change of style, didn’t realy like the game play style change (couldn’t understand what i was supposed to do since i was realy bad at englando) only after a couple years i was able to beat the game (after learning some key words).
    EBF was my introduction to the turn based rpg genre and i would realy love to play the steam version :love:

  289. Laharl

    I want a key of Epic Battle Fantasy 4 because it’s a great game with one of the best soundtrack I ever heard :smirk:

  290. FlaccidRainbows

    I would love to get BH2 so I can get my ass kicked by it :love2: :stars: 😡
    I have played all the EBF and BH games and I have had so much fun with them.
    Thanks for being awesome

  291. Grey

    Eh, why not try? I’d love to give BH2 a run, and to share the love for EBF4. Thanks for the giveaway, and gl;hf working on EBF5! 😀

  292. Geoffrey "Slowking" Goris

    I would go for EBF4 but sadly I already have the game, Instead I would like to try for BH2. There is no real reason why you should pick me over any other person commenting, I am just another fan of your games and would love to try the new game. I’ve tried over and over and over again to beat your games on the hardest of difficulties and only succeeded a couple of times… yeah ok this is going nowhere, I can give reason upon reason as to why I want the game but the main point is that I’ve enjoyed your games and have spend a few hundred of hours on them and I’d love to give BH2 a try.

  293. XAgent

    I would love to get EBF4 because since I was very small (I am 17 now) I played the EBF series and enjoyed it so much :love: that I played each several times and even played with my best friend when you had the two characters, one player the swordsman and my best friend played the (boob) mage, as he liked to call her, and probably just wanted to play her because of that :yay:

  294. ShaderLian

    i want EBF on steam cuz its one of the best games i ever played and i want to send it to some friends :yay: my steam name is shaderlian

  295. Andrzej

    I really hope for “Bullet heaven 2”
    I played it on Kongregate and I think game is superb!

    EBF4 is awesome too but I already have it on steam.

    Best Regards and Merry Christmas!

  296. Darkasinksu

    Hey, Matt. I’d like to enter for Bullet Heaven 2.
    Just wondering, does it come with he soundtrack? Phyrrna really did an awesome job.

  297. Aelenwa

    Thank you for the giveaway.

    I would love to play Bullet Heaven 2 because I’ve played the first one and I love it. Also, the soundtrack’s awesome. (Thank Phyrnna!) :yay:

  298. Fornax42

    I love the games, but already got EBF4 a few weeks ago from a friend, but I would love BH2!
    :love2: :stars:

  299. Genius Of Done

    I would love to get Bullet Heaven 2, especially so since I’ve played through and enjoyed the first one. Out of all the genres, bullet heavens and RPGs are my favorite, and I already have EBF4 on Steam, so it would be nice to also have Bullet Heaven 2 :hurray:

  300. Graphiros

    I would like to thank you for giving us a chance for a free game, and another thank you if i win one, especially EBF 4 because i love the series. :smirk:

  301. wixalero

    EBF 4 i love lance and his sword-gun :love: i almost though he’ll get married with one of his weapon :stars:

  302. Erer08

    Hi! I would like to get BH2, because I’ve been playing your games for years now and I’m sort of a fan. BH2 is also the very first game on my wishlist, where there are 123 games in total, because I want that game so much, yet I wouldn’t have the money to get it until a few months later. As for EBF4, I don’t need it because I already have it. :bacon:

  303. Caroline

    Oh my! This is amazing! I would love to get Epic Battle Fantasy 4!
    This game (actually EBF3, but… xD) made me and my best friend friends, I said I loved it in school and we started talking about it. She played it and also totaly fell in love with the game! When we found out that Epic Batlle 4 came out we were SO HAPPY, we played untill the end together two times! 😀 So now, I would love to get it on Steam too, because this game just brings me so many memories! 🙂
    P.S. Cannot wait for EBF5!

  304. Hill

    Hello, Mr. Roszak. Thank you very much for the ”Epic” Battle Fantasy-series.

    I’ve been a fan of the Epic Battle Fantasy-series since Epic battle fantasy 2. When I discovered your games, I was a mid-teen. And now, I am a young-adult.

    I don’t remember, as a mid-teen at the time, how I exactly I had heard of Epic Battle Fantasy 2 and 1. I do remember playing EBF2 and 1 on Newgrounds.

    I love the jokes in each game :yay: never gets old :smirk:

    …And before I forget, thank you very much for Bullet Heaven.
    I was madly in-love of Bullet heaven. I remember staying up all night playing the game just to hone my skills.
    When I talked to my classmate about bullet Heaven, he thought that I was stupid for not knowing the ”Bullet Hell”-genre 😥

    Again, Thank you very much Mr. Roszak and keep up the good work.

    Marry X-mas and a happy new year 🙂

  305. Kiritorul

    me gustaría adquirir el EBF4, por que la primera vez que lo jugué me encanto me la he pasado jugando lo durante horas sin aburrirme, me he querido pasar el juego completamente con todos sus logros y completar sus vestimentas :stars: , me encantan los personajes sobre todo Matt por que es un loquillo XD, también he querido probar la versión mas completa pero desgraciadamente no he tenido el dinero para comprármelo en Steam u.u
    en verdad quiero el EBF4 :love2:

  306. Keith

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I have always loved your games and EBF3 and 4 are some of my favorite RPGs to play. They really were able to suck me in and want to 100% everything in the game. I love the art style and the music too! Both are complete games that I’ve been talking about to my friend who is looking to get a new RPG. I think EBF4 would be a pretty good surprise Christmas gift for him. If not, I hope you know I am really looking forward to EBF5! The game looks amazing already, and I will have to get it as soon as it comes out.

  307. J.R.

    Epic Fantasy Battle looks like a lot of fun. I love turn based games, fantasy, and anime. So it must be good!

  308. RedDraul

    HOLY MOTHEROFCATS! :stars: I really want a EBF4 steam key; i started playing the series in Armorgames and I completely fell in love with it :love: , ever since the Brawl Royale the style has been one of my favorites, then EBF1 and 2 came along and the game was really good; but then EBF3 and 4… holy shit I don’t think I have found a better RPG that it is still an RPG without the annoyance of the random encounters and just fucking love it :yay: . adventure story and bullet heaven are fun indeed; although my favorite is still the EBF series (looking forward for Epic Battle Fantasy 5 :hurray: )