EBF5: Big Slimes!

It was pretty obvious these guys were next, and they look delicious.
They’ve got some more “spells” that aren’t shown here, and will be done in bulk later.

I’m having fun making these, but unfortunately I need to take a break: The web version of EBF4 has been broken.
A Flashplayer/Browser update has caused explosion sound effects to play non-stop. This really sucks, but a lot of people still play the web version, so I guess I better do something about it soon. The game’s unplayable unless you mute the sound effects. Sigh. -_-
(Hey, there’s another reason to buy the Steam version – it’s on sale now too.)

Anyway, which is your favourite slime so far?

EBF5 current foe count: 12

25 thoughts on “EBF5: Big Slimes!

  1. Latoon

    The big slimes’ faces when they’re not doing anything:

  2. LittleMage

    :ooo: I don’t know why, but it feels tempting to take a bite out of the Ice cream and Fudge Slimes. But I know I’ll throw up all over the place if I did. :sick:

  3. Android Noob

    That sound effect of spit for some special attacks, please don’t have them for the final output!!! It’s disgusting to suit such cute creatures T.T

  4. Aysu

    Oops, I pressed the attack one and then immediately the attack two, and the slime got stuck sitting on NoLegs. Spawning it again fixed the issue, however. I guess that won’t actually be a problem in the actual game, though.

    As for my favorite slime… I think I like the Ice Cream ones the most. I’ve always liked enemies made of ice cream. That creeper cactus on the Giant Sand Slime is pretty awesome, though. I must say that adore the kitty mouths on all of them. So cute… :love: And I love their eyes; very nicely done! :yay:

    I’m a little curious if you were hungry when you designed the slimes since a lot of them have food sitting on top. It’s making me hungry… :tongue: Are they just as poisonous as the Veggie Slimes from EB3? If not, I’d totally eat one. :stars:

  5. Sasuke556

    Maaan I already know, what I’m going to hate about this game and it’s going to be the sounds. When they spit, omg that’s so disguisting ><.

  6. Greed The Wolf

    Have you ever thought about making a customizable character? just choose gender, hairstyle and color, skin color, weapon type, and that’s about it. Love the series. :love:

  7. HotchAr

    Really good looking!
    Overall, smooth and well animated.
    on the highest quality setting, it lags my computer, but ironically, some of the falling had better timing that way (but I wouldn’t be able to live with things moving that slow)
    in general, the breath/spit attacks look odd to me because it just looks like the mouth is drifting sideways rather than pulling back/in. maybe change the angle it appears to be or only make it expand? or move the rest of the slime with it/more dramatically? I dunno, you’re just about infinitely more qualified to make that call.

  8. Polenen

    I like almost everything so far. The sound effects for the falling perjectiles (the magic 2 on the large fire slime) and the spitting (Attack 5 on the dessert slime) sound effects both sound a little anoying/off.

  9. littlemrdoom

    woah! :ooo: :ooo: :ooo: that sand slime can jump like a final fantasy dragoon! also gi found a bug that caused the lava slime to not jump back after one of its attacks! it just stays awkwardly close to natz!

  10. SomaSam

    I have to say, I love the new death affects. Reminds me a lot of Kirby or legend of zelda. The poofs of smoke look a lot nicer than just fading into transparent red.

    Its also nice that the bigger enemies have a slightly different poof and with different sound affects.

  11. YoshiTimeSketches

    I like the two different kinds of treat slimes, and I love the desert one.

    Perhaps as a suggestion, added with the new death animation, maybe there could be special effects added to certain enemies? For example, the slimes could explode into bubbly balloons, and rock enemies could explode into tiny pebbles.

    Keep it up, Matt! :hurray: / :bacon:

  12. pionoplayer

    Nice! These are all pretty cool.

    Just a question, was there any particular reason you decided to switch some of the slime types over to food equivalents? I noticed that the ice cream slimes are replacing the usual frost slimes, and I’m pretty certain the… bonus slimes? from last preview look like they fulfil the role of the furry slimes from EBF 3.
    I also noticed that the chocolate slimes are basically earth slimes, which we haven’t had before, but this is neat.

    Anyways, I suspect that there’s something unusual going on if three of our seven basic slimes, and two of our five large slimes are food-based. Is it plot-based, area-based or just for the lulz?

    1. YoshiTimeSketches

      I hope the dessert and desert slimes appear in the same place.
      For a dessert desert. That would be interesting for so many types of enemies.

  13. vcgamer

    the death animations ( when they blow up ) doesnt looks as so cool , maybe add some liquid bubbles beigin tossed in the floor would be good since they are slimes afterall :smirk: , still other than that the sprites look very nice , expecialy that chocolate one taht i’d definetly want to take a bite of :stars: if i had to die i’d choose to be eaten by that chocolate dream , maybe i’d edup eating all his insides before i was dead , terrible mistake to eat me miss choco slime :tongue:

  14. Seikame

    So much food with these diabetus slimes. :v
    Really love that last giant sand one, those cactus are perfect.

    Personal taste : I kinda dislike the new death animation effects. 😐

  15. Daniel Prado

    when i clicked previous foe after going to the last slime it started playing the freeze sound repeatedly, and when i clicked it again more sounds were added, :wut: Anyway the slimes look good, the chocolate slime made me a little hungry though.


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