12 thoughts on “BH2: Boss Demo

  1. someguy

    I found this bug while fighting the bee boss:
    I died, then got an error message, then revived as a hitbox only and then just kept dying and reviving until the time just finished.

  2. Noobinator

    Well, I die on the first boss on causal, gotta practice sum more. :skull:

    The patterns on the spider boss look really cool :stars:

    Say, have you ever considered a “godmode” of some sort? so you can look at the pretty patters without getting anihilated, unlockable, of course! :smirk:

        1. Matt Roszak Post author

          Nah, you can unlock everything by just grinding. Otherwise some people would never manage to do it.

          1. Gamork

            Well now, that’d be a nice way of viewing the patterns. Love it!

            On a side note, crazy question that I’m certain you’ve answered somewhere else: Will each boss get their own theme? TBH, that’d be a nice touch if they did, basically reflecting the nature of each boss.

          2. randomfan1929

            can you make a double godmode cheat? 1 for you and one for your enemies? that way, you can keep practicing against the boss’ patterns until you quit without dealing with timeouts. like spellcard practice, but you can take as many hits as you need or fight as long as you need.

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