BH2: Boss Demo!

Here’s 9/10 of the bosses in BH2!
They’re pretty much finished, minus a tiny bit of difficulty balancing.
I’d like to hear how you guys find the different difficulty levels, and gameplay in general.
Obviously it’s still not very user-friendly without a proper interface or tutorial.
I’ve mostly been testing with an Xbox360 controller, so I’d like to hear which controls you guys like.

There’s a LOT of bugs, and if you get an error message, it’s probably not worth reporting at this point. Tell me if you see any strange behavior that doesn’t give an error though.

What’s not finished:
The main menu, the loading screen, the scoring system, the particles in the background, and the HUD.

Mouse: Left Click, Double Left Click, Right Click
Keyboard: Shift, Z, X, C and Arrows
Xbox 360 Gamepad: Left stick or D-pad, X, A, B, and either trigger button