4 thoughts on “Fanart: More NoLegs Adventures

  1. pgfreak

    Hey, now that’s an idea. Why not give :smirk: his own adventure or make him more useful in future games and content? It could show how Matt, Natalie, and :smirk: met from :smirk: ‘s point of view (or any other epic story you come up with). Or in the Tower Defense game from a while back? You could make :smirk: one of the more powerful but expensive towers. I think that’d be great, but you have made the Cat Cafe, so perhaps you’d rather not. You’re the developer so you ultimately make the final decision.

    Great fanart by the way. I :love: seeing how others portray the adventure.

    1. A Wikia Editor

      I thought that if ever making an Adventure Story 2, then NoLegs :smirk: should be the player’s character, not Matt, and it would be able to reference to his appearances during minigames in EBF2 and EBF3. Thought that is if the Adventure Story 2 is to exist, as probably EBF Tower Defence and many other stuff take higher places on the priority list.


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