EBF4: 50% Off in Steam Summer Sale

EBF4 is 50% off for the Steam Summer sale!
Offer lasts until the 30th.
SteamadHere’s what’s new in the Steam version:
• Includes Kongregate’s Premium Pack, which adds:
•      8 new bosses, 27 new equips, and 8 new skills.
•      Battle Mountain: A huge new area to explore.
•      Survival mode and boss rush challenges – the hardest battles in the game.
•      Newgame+ feature, with higher level monsters.
• Support for different window sizes and fullscreen resolutions.
• Uncompressed audio and various visual improvements.
• Integration with Steam’s achievements, trading cards, and most importantly, cloud saving.
• Includes the soundtrack. (26 tracks!)

6 thoughts on “EBF4: 50% Off in Steam Summer Sale

  1. Hitchhiker Joe

    Hey guys, i’ve been playing the game’s steam for a while and at first i thought the things that were included in the premium pack of Kongreate would be obtainable as i progressed, but i’ve progressed quite a bit and haven’t noticed anything that was in premium pack at all. Like for example, i don’t have limit break Rapture, or Matt’s fusion blade, or etc. Is this a glitch or do i just need to progress more to obtain them, can someone please help?

    1. Hitchhiker Joe

      Wait i figured i posted this to wrong place so, sorry about that, i’ll post it under the main thread about EBF4

  2. omt8

    I know it is unrelated but could you add a football theme to honour the world cup (if you care about it that is) and care to say which team you support?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Steam makes recommendations, time slots, and picks out features, but participation and prices are up to you.


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