EBF4: Steam Sale Results

Yesterday, Epic Battle Fantasy 4’s group won the Community’s Choice vote on Steam, meaning that EBF4 and the other games in it’s group were selected for a huge discount lasting 8 hours, and featured on Steam’s front page. It was smart of Valve to bundle EBF4 with Final Fantasy 7, as fans of FF are very likely to enjoy EBF too, so I got a chance to leech some players from a very popular game series! πŸ˜€
votechoice1This little bit of luck turned out to be huge for me, because in just 8 hours, the total number of people who had bought the game on Steam had almost quadrupled!

So I’ve got a huge number of new players, many of which probably won’t even have heard of EBF before, and the response from them has been pretty good. Besides a few technical problems, no one’s told me that they hate the game. So that’s cool.

Sure, many players who buy games in Steam sales won’t actually end up playing those games, but that’s fine, it still works out to a lot of extra fans (and cash!) that I wasn’t expecting.

I’m not sure how Valve decides what games get featured, but I do know that not all of them get a chance, so I must be doing something right. (EBF4 was also featured on the front page in Europe, the day after launch)

So it looks like I’ve got a good future ahead of me on Steam, and hopefully getting a game through Greenlight won’t take 6 months next time! πŸ˜›

Steam is now my primary source of income (with Kongregate premium sales being second), and what this means is that I’ll definitely be focusing on larger games with paid content, rather than completely free web games. But I’ll continue to make free web versions too.

And yeah, I’ll probably make EBF5… someday.

17 thoughts on “EBF4: Steam Sale Results

  1. Gamork

    I don’t mean to be a cynic or something stupid like that, but Matt, you deserve the full price!!!! IMHO, I believe that it’s good enough for me to just buy multiple copies just to give him the money to make more art like bullet heaven, EBF, and even another brawl royale. :love2: Anyways, congrats on the success man! :hurray: :yay:

  2. naumchas

    Heard and bought EBF4 only because of steam sales. Enjoying it now. If I knew how cool it is β€” I’d bought it long time ago even without the sale. Cuz’ it is cool as much as it can be. Only the art in some parts are somewhat cheap as for me (concept arts are looking way better than ingame art) β€” but that’s ok, because game is still good enough.

    Planning on making video-review on it, but for russian players, so I guess you won’t be able understand a word of it πŸ™
    Anyway, game is great. Keep up the good work. Will wait for EBF5 and my money is ready )) Especially if the artwork will be better.

  3. Hideie89

    Keep up the great work, glad that the sale turned out well for you. Looking forward to your future work. Forever a Fan! :yay:

  4. LazerRay

    Nice going with the Steam sales, and having it get paired up with one of the inspiration games. :stars:

    I have always enjoyed the EBF series, with its familiar battle system, screwball dialog, and the various references to other games all over the place. :yay:

    And now with a possible EBF5, and hopefully a bundle with updated versions of EBF1,2,3, things could get even more fun, keep up the good work!! :stars:

  5. pgfreak

    A whole series of games that are all more epic than the last!
    Sorry, but we’re expecting a lot when you actually make and publish EBF5. :shades:

  6. Kroptik

    You say that “hopefully getting a game through Greenlight won’t take 6 months next time!” But don’t you get to skip greenlight now that you already have a game on Steam?
    According to the greenlight FAQ (general, third question), “Any developer or publisher who is new to Steam and interested in submitting their game to the platform should submit their game through Steam Greenlight.” You’re not new to Steam anymore.

    Am I misunderstanding the FAQ, your statement or did you miss it by chance?

  7. omt8

    Yay! At least there is a possibility of EBF5. The EBF series is one of your best games though.

    Have you thought of joining up with other developers to create larger and better games quicker? EBF4 will certainly convince a lot of good game developers. :hurray:

  8. Tommy

    Yes Erer 08

    I love your idea :stars:
    Matt can you put the saga EBF on steam and humble bundle :yay:
    If you make It,I run to bought IT :stars:

    Ans if you want idea for EBF5 Axe could be cool and please make nolegs playable :hurray:

  9. Erer08

    I really hope that you will censore/recode/revisit EBF3 and then release it on Steam, maybe if even that would have some premium content, the people who have only seen EBF4 on Steam, would appreciate it.(Sorry for grammar issues/stupidities, if there are any.)


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