BH2: Early Multiplayer

The basics of multiplayer work!
I started off controlling all 4 players with one gamepad, which was a bit overpowered, as you can see below. I’ve separated the controls now, and I’ve ordered another Xbox 360 gamepad so that I’ll have 4 input devices. Was actually quite easy to add multiplayer: I mostly just replaced every reference to the player with a vector (array) of players. Now I’m going to modify the game difficulty appropriately – I’ll take some ideas from Jamestown’s multiplayer mechanics.4p

Here’s what happens when you use all four bombs at once. This won’t be in the game though.


5 thoughts on “BH2: Early Multiplayer

  1. Thanbo

    Instead of naming it “bullet heaven 2”, why don’t you call it “bullet praradise”?
    Because “2” is just too mainstream. :shades:

  2. RealShadowCaster

    About ghost ability, since the bug already does it, The ghost could keep charging grazing while far enough from live players. If ghost gets hit, grazing is reset to 0, and if ghost gets near alive player, grazing bonus is transfered to alive player.
    Alternatively, the grazing transfered could fill a gauge that allows the alive player to raise the dead when full.

  3. ShadowSun

    As a thought on multiplayer, perhaps removing the bombs entirely for co-op play would be a good idea?
    Also, how will revives work?

  4. Memo

    After saw the BH2 announcement, I’ve tried out the first one, and I have to say I’m impressed :love: Can’t wait for the 2 ^^
    Did you get any inspiration from touhou project?
    (I hope you changed your mind about the EBF5 after the 4 got into steam 🙂 )


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