Hidden Cats: Ronja Joins the Team

Hey guys, Ronja is training to be a level designer for Hidden Cats. Here’s her first attempt at a level. It’ll be useful to have another level designer on board so my art assets can be used in ways I hadn’t thought of, and the game will also have more content in general. Still aiming for around 100 levels, but we’ll see how that goes, as we haven’t finished any real levels yet and many features are still being added.

In other news, Hidden Cats mostly works in Ruffle, a Flashplayer emulator, so I could be tempted to make some web-based demos in a couple of months. The performance is in many cases much better than Flashplayer, and is still being improved. The game even seems to run smoothly on my iPhone 11 already, so that’s a good sign.

2 thoughts on “Hidden Cats: Ronja Joins the Team

  1. Kronos1080#0005

    Hi Matt,
    Hidden Cats is looking great so far! Quick question, is the Discord link still up and if so, could I be unbanned? I was initially banned after the posting of a meme of Alf the Alien dressed as Gandalf with the text GandALF. Still don’t know why and I didn’t know how to contact you or any mods. So I’ll just put this here.

  2. Gacha Kris

    This one’s pretty good. The only complaint i’d say is that it’s a drop of difficulty, but for the first time, it’s amazing


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