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EBF Monster Fanart Contest Results

Hiya Folks!

The EBF Monster Fanart Contest results are finally in. Thank you to everyone for your patience as we’ve looked through and judged the ginormous amount of entries. Entries have been judged by Matt, Ronja, and Troisnyx. The winners of the prize pool will be announced tomorrow.

Today we celebrate the runners-up who created some incredible art and nearly made it to the top!

All ten runners-up will receive 2 games or soundtracks of their choice (not including games/ports in development) on the platform of their choosing.

You can view all the entries in the contest channel on the EBF Discord Server.

The Zombie-Hydra by Luo
Halloween Costume Competition by RockyBirdy
Festive Downtime by BlueZoneCEO
Kyun! by Jay
Halloween Party at the end of the world by Lance
The boys are back in town, to destroy you by Owokey
Dinner time! by NaT
Crawling cries by Obrutak
Yummy! by Pana
Abyssal Seiken by TH3vPl4Y3R

Inflation and Prices

Hey guys, I’ve been thinking of increasing the prices of my games in line with inflation…

Since Epic Battle Fantasy 4 and Bullet Heaven 2 came out on Steam in 2014 and 2015, the US Dollar and British Pound have dropped in value by around 25% due to inflation. Epic Battle Fantasy 5 came out in 2018, and there the difference is around 20%.

Since the games are still getting customer support and occasional updates, I think it’s fair to raise the prices from $12 to $15, and from $20 to $25. Most of you already own the games, so this won’t really effect very many of you who are reading this. And if you don’t own the games yet, the games are on sale 4 times a year, if you’re looking for a bargain.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 got a “version 2” update not too long ago, and I still regularly clean the Bullet Heaven 2 leaderboards, so both games are still getting some attention from me.

I’m also aiming to put a $15 price tag on Hidden Cats. It’s still very early in development, but I hope to have 10 to 20 hours of content in that game.

Epic Battle Fantasy Collection will stay at the current $8, unless I add more content to it, like the Bullet Heaven 3 Prototype. (Btw, please leave a review for EBFC on Steam if you haven’t already – it doesn’t have very many and they help a lot!)

I’ve also noticed that some regions aren’t happy with Steam’s new regional pricing, so I’ll make sure that Turkey and Argentina, for example, are not effected too drastically by this price update. Steam’s new pricing tool makes it easier to compare the new and old prices, so I’d like to avoid any unreasonably big changes.

Anyway, I’m aiming to update the prices in January, after the Christmas sale on Steam. So the Christmas sale will be the lowest price you’ll see for a while!

Let me know how you feel about all of this.

Fanart: Annabelle

Hiya Folks!

We’re just back from spending a long weekend up in Speyside with some close friends and family, and are getting back to work once more. We’ll hopefully have the EBF Monster Fanart Contest entries judged by the end of the week, and the winners will be announced once that’s been sorted.

Here’s some amazing 3d fanart of Annabelle, modeled in Blender by Jovanovix.

Fanart: Halloween Contest

Hiya Folks,

The EBF Halloween Monster Fanart Contest is now over!

Huge thank you everyone who submitted art, it seems we’ve received even more entries than last time! We are so excited to look through everything with time, and cast our votes for the winners which will be announced within a couple weeks.

Here’s some lovely fanart of the contest banner from Frost_cedar.