EBF Monster Fanart Contest Results

Hiya Folks!

The EBF Monster Fanart Contest results are finally in. Thank you to everyone for your patience as we’ve looked through and judged the ginormous amount of entries. Entries have been judged by Matt, Ronja, and Troisnyx. The winners of the prize pool will be announced tomorrow.

Today we celebrate the runners-up who created some incredible art and nearly made it to the top!

All ten runners-up will receive 2 games or soundtracks of their choice (not including games/ports in development) on the platform of their choosing.

You can view all the entries in the contest channel on the EBF Discord Server.

The Zombie-Hydra by Luo
Halloween Costume Competition by RockyBirdy
Festive Downtime by BlueZoneCEO
Kyun! by Jay
Halloween Party at the end of the world by Lance
The boys are back in town, to destroy you by Owokey
Dinner time! by NaT
Crawling cries by Obrutak
Yummy! by Pana
Abyssal Seiken by TH3vPl4Y3R

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