Back to work on the EBF Collection

Hey guys, I’m working on the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection again. This week I got Steam achievements for 6 of the games working – just 2 more to go. There’s a total of 150 achievements in all! The Steam Overlay works for most of the games too.

Besides achievements, I also need to add window and fullscreen options to the games, finish controller support in Adventure Story, and… that’ll be the features pretty much finished.

The EBF Collection will probably launch in Early Access on Steam – now that Flash doesn’t work in browsers any more, it’s hard for me to share the games with hundreds of testers, so this seems like the simplest way to get some feedback. But fear not: the EBF Collection will be 95% finished when it hits Early Access, so it won’t stay there long. Early Access has been working very well for the Android port of EBF5 – people who are impatient can play the game early with some bugs!

Speaking of which, the Android port of EBF5 is 99% finished, and will probably stay that way for a while. The main thing stopping it from being finished is the frequent crashes, which seem to be caused by audio playback issues in Flash/AIR on Android. I’ve sent the error reports to the Flash/AIR devs – they are aware of the problem and say it should be fixed in the next update. So that’s out of my control for now, let’s hope it goes well. If the crashes aren’t fixed, Google will punish me harshly for publishing a misbehaving app.

Anyway, keep an eye on those progress bars.

3 thoughts on “Back to work on the EBF Collection

  1. Anonymous

    I absolutely loved adventure story when I played it and I have played all of the EBFs, as well as tried both bullet heavens, I cant wait to play adventure story again

  2. Page

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I thought you’d port your other games to mobile first, which was quite a bummer to me because I’ve been wanting to play Adventure Story again due to Those of Us Who Fight. I’m really hyped up about this now!


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