Fanart: Amy

Hiya Folks!

Here’s some lovely fanart of EBF5’s Amy from Sifserf. She currently has an exciting Valentine’s Day quest for you that you can complete before Feb 21st to be rewarded with the Love Blade!

3 thoughts on “Fanart: Amy

  1. Page

    The Love Blade becomes an offensive weapon in Equip Remix. Giving Matt a status-replacing item (I use Crossbone Pin) disables it’s on-hit Regen, allowing it to be a sword made for fighting, not healing.

  2. Eduardo

    So matt i dunno if you notice this but the mobile version has some issues, and I’ve notice some of them right know, there’s a hidden button next to game difficulty settings and some other ones that i noticed, so that’s a report, if you could solve that and activate back the backup option i would be glad thx for the game


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