Fanart: More Valentine

Hi Folks!

As Valentine’s week continues (yes it’s the whole week I don’t make the rules) here’s some more Valentine’s fanart, this time from TOMA.

7 thoughts on “Fanart: More Valentine

  1. Page

    I don’t understand the Lance/Anna ship. Enemies to lovers is such a strange trope, and considering the two are complete opposites and were once mortal enemies, it just makes no sense.

    1. Sticks

      Yeah that’s understandable, I just always found it cute as a potential, not too forced but its kind of implied and I think complete opposites can usually make a relationship.

    2. TOMA

      If you don’t like it, you could leave 🙂 Why staying here for what bothered you the most ? It may make no sense to you but a ton of people feel fine and like it so yeah! Leave ’em be, bro :pp

  2. Sticks

    Awww, I always enjoyed the relationship between Lance and Anna, from mortal enemies to potential ship, even being called a school shooter by Anna’s Dad.


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