EBF5 Speedrunning

Hey guys, here’s an EBF5 speedrun video that shows off some glitches in EBF5. You can glitch your way to different parts of the map if you change your save file at the right time. I think preparing multiple saved games in advance may be cheating though…

Here’s a speedrun of the first area without any glitches.
I do wonder if EBF5 will be as much fun to speedrun as EBF4 was, as that one had some really fun glitches.

In other news, I’ve been tinkering with my mobile gaming setup.
Pokemon Clover is a fantastic ROM hack – I grin like an idiot when playing it – but I can only recommend it to people who love edgy meme humour. I’m looking forward to trying more creative Pokemon hacks.

4 thoughts on “EBF5 Speedrunning

  1. alproy

    and meanwhile i’ve reached higher waves of existent in endless in both EBF4 and 5 (in 5 wave 88 and in 4 wave 222, yup, no joking)

  2. Water Melon

    Not sure if you have heard of this but there’s a separate Pokemon fan-game called ‘Pokemon Uranium’ for PC, I’d recommend it to you! The plot is unlike any original Pokemon games and there are a lot of cool Pokemon designs too. And a new type to discover! :stars:


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