7 thoughts on “Fanart: Triple Matt

  1. Kayla

    Don’t burn yourself out on the crunch, love! If it has to take a couple more days, it’s fine, we’ve waited a long time for EBF5, what’s a couple extra days? :love2:

  2. Vuther

    November 15th was Nat day, 20th is Matt day.

    Unfortunately, no part of the names of the rest of the main rhyme with Matt.

  3. Joseph Howard

    Okay, early December may feel more exciting than Thanksgiving because of Epic Battle Fantasy 5! Good luck! :yay: :stars:

  4. Futakoi

    Some problems indeed, sure you will fix it in no time.
    We do enjoying the EBF5, so don’t worry and cheer up Matt! :smirk:


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