Lego Dump

Hey guys, here’s a dump of my Lego creations from the last few weeks.

I’ve been making a lot of vehicles lately. Themed cars are fun to do – I’ll probably make more of these and pretend they’re playing Mario Kart or something.


This truck came about because I simply wanted to use the yellow and red door pieces.
It’s a retro-looking design with a few modern features too.

lego truck

And here’s another Bionicle guy! I guess he can be called Swamp, since I did Jungle earlier.
He’s got a shoulder-mounted cannon which he can aim, and that’s all he does, really.

Bionicle Swamp

11 thoughts on “Lego Dump

  1. Joseph Howard

    That’s pretty cool. I used to build with the large block legos a lot when I was younger. I frequently tried to make blocky arwings from StarFox.

  2. Toxic Bobcat

    Hey, Matt. Could you check out my deviantart? It’s called OnlyNo-LegsMemes. I make memes using only the emoticons from EBF 5, and some from Bullet Heaven 2.
    There’s not much up there yet, but I would be really happy if you saw it. I’m a huge fan! :love: :love: :love:


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