Monthly Archives: October 2018

EBF5: Translation Progress

Hey guys, I’ve updated the EBF5 Beta to version 0.13.
Most of the update is just related to translations: Menus, skills, equips, foes, medals, and items text is in there now. (No dialogue though) It’s still a work in progress, and the translations aren’t final – feel free to read through the translations and give us some feedback on the EBF Discord, or let us know of any text related issues. (There’s a chance that I broke some user-interface stuff)

For those that don’t know, EBF5 will be in: Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Polish, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean and Japanese. So if you’re familiar with any of those languages, please try them out in-game and tell us if we’re doing a good job so far.