Fanart: Behold Natalie

Here’s more fanart by MikalaMouse.

In other news, sales of EBF4 are starting to dry up on Steam. I can’t really complain since the game is almost 5 years old on there… but if you own the game and haven’t left a nice review yet… you could maybe… you know…

11 thoughts on “Fanart: Behold Natalie

  1. Az0rius G4m3r

    I’ve already left a positive review of EBF4 on Steam, featuring a bunch of alliteration. I don’t suppose that stops me from coming up with another, possibly BETTER review, does it ❓ ❓

  2. Rbstat

    It could actually be that the sales are lower because EBF5 is coming out soon. People are probably just waiting for EBF5 to come out because the assumption is that that’s better. like if i had bought and played super mario bros back in the day, and i heard that super mario bros 3 was coming out. i probably wouldn’t immediately go out and buy super mario bros 2. i would just wait for super mario bros 3 to come out so i can buy that.


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