Pottery Stuff

Hey guys, here’s the result of my first few pottery classes.
I’ve basically made myself some Halloween decorations!

I’m not a big fan of this medium so far. It just feels too imprecise for me.
There’s no way of knowing exactly how the glaze/paint will turn out, even if you’re experienced with it, making painted details very tricky. One has to stick to more abstract designs to make the most of it I think. Maybe I just need to play around with it more and see what works for me.

11 thoughts on “Pottery Stuff

  1. salpepor

    Wait a sec, did you just sculpt a pyramid which just so happen to have an eye on it? Is Illuminaty confirmed!? ❗ :skull:

    *insert X-files theme*

    1. Emirhan

      :smirk: :yay: :hurray: :ooo: :skull: :phone: :phone2: 👿 :coffee: :bacon: ➡ ❗ :sick: :sick: :meh: 🙁 :stars: :love2: :love:


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