Armos Mosaic

Here’s my first ever mosaic: It’s an Armos from Zelda!

Turns out my amazing idea of doing pixel art backfired a bit when I realised that the tiles were actually a bit too big, and now you can’t really see the design unless you’re standing a few metres away. Oh well.

Mosaics get my approval. Making them is relaxing and there’s not a lot that can go horribly wrong.


6 thoughts on “Armos Mosaic

  1. asdfghjkl;

    Man, to me, it looks like a killer clown from a certain angle. That art itself is pretty nice though.

  2. Oxybulyx

    Wow! How are you so great at everything? No, sreiously, this is the first time I have been jealous since 2001. (I was born in 2002)


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