66 thoughts on “EBF5: How Summons Work

  1. Ken

    Matt, i wonder if player will be able to capture all kinds of creatures or do we have to choose certain ones to capture ???? :wut: :wut: :wut: :wut:

  2. Random Guy

    I loved slime bunny and the “defense all” summon (monolith?). Playing on Epic, you need utility a lot more than your damage abilities thats a LOT stronger than any summons. Please make at least a few utility summons~~~! (Defend all, Regen, double turn(might be a bit OP tho), buffs, debuffs, having you backup take actions this turn, equipment change for all three, stuff like that)

  3. Thermophile

    So let me get this straight… There is going to be a summon effect for literally every enemy in the game, but to GET all of those summons, you have to capture all of them, perhaps with a limit to how many you can have at once. This is fairly easy for you, as no new enemy or attack animations are used, and you’d probably use the stats for one of their attacks anyway, and it adds a whole new layer to the game, since it allows even more customizability than the last game did.

    This looks like it’s going to turn out great.

    1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

      Y’know how in prior games, some of the bosses returned as mini-bosses and we’d inevitably get them as summons after the fight?
      What are the odds that now, if we want said mini-boss as a summon, we gotta catch them? :scared:

      1. Phoenix

        Especially considering the fact that for some bosses those Summons were crucial
        (Remember the Glitch? and like all the hard level bosses? AND the Dark Players? Summons Save lives :D)
        :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2:

        1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

          I actually did pretty well for myself without summons vs the Glitch. It’s just a matter of keeping all three alive, and having someone sweep the 1HP minions. Matt’s Swift Blade works pretty well for that, since it is high accuracy and they have only one HP. Other than that, have someone patch whoever died up, and wail on the Glitch til it is “dead.”

          For me, the only truly crucial summon was Slime Bunny, as getting Regen in EBF4 is a pain, and extremely useful, since I can focus less on healing. And if I have to EARN slime bunny in this game, you can bet I’m diving on it the SECOND I get a chance.

          1. Drake

            well, I liked any summons which did add unique buffs like the fortress for ‘brave’, slime bunny for ‘regen’ or the monolith for party defence. particularly those three were my main summons if I needed any. others were more quality of life than needed. for the glitch I never needed summons even thougthough the fortress allowed to save up a reviver for a simple heal (just keep HP over 50%). It would be interesting if summons have a chance to stay (if they don’t run away after 1 usage). If EBF4 needed sth then a way to fill up SP aside of killing enemies.

          2. Phoenix

            I did not use as many summons as i thought i did but i did use Praetor and Kitty Fort.
            I like my crits with Matt :D. (Cleaver Crits OP)

            Also i wish they make some summons easter eggs of sorts.
            Like how the optional bosses in ebf 4 were not really easy to find if going for story progression (Zombie Hydra farm ftw!)
            Also I really want to be able to catch the Beholder and have it use the Censored attack :D.

    1. Phoenix

      What do you mean by a new main character? Do you mean a party member?
      We have gotten a new party member so the trend of every EBF us getting a new party member is still around.
      But tbh i dont think there is anyway to implement any new party member as most party members have had reasons.
      Matt and Natalie were the original two joined by their old enemy Lance and then then joined by Anna who had caught Matt because she thought he had stolen something from her village and then she tags with them to find that. And NoLegs has been around for a while so he makes some sense as he has been playable in the Bullet Heaven games.
      They could make cameo’s but as of now we dont know the story so they might make a char a integral part of the story (like a guide or something).
      :smirk: :smirk: :smirk:

  4. MrBobSaget

    Hey uhm, here is a question i think some people haven’t asked, what is the downside to capturing an enemy over killing them, you just don’t get xp, gold, and items from it or no downsides at all? :tongue:

      1. MrBobSaget

        That would get annoying, like you would have to release the ones you don’t want anymore, like the normal slimes?

  5. bearpilover

    what will be the battle mountain type area of EBF5?
    please if you do something like that revisit the original epic battle fantasy as a optional boss (I want ssj3 goku, dragon ball super reference? ssj blue might be too hard but would be an epic battle )

    vegeta: I WANT MY SCOUTER

  6. bearpilover

    my question is if you catch the same monster more than one time does it
    CAPTURE TO GET SP, BEST IDEA EVER :hurray: :yay:
    I WANT THE DARK PLAYER SUMMONS (DARK LANCE) 1/10e+049566094 chance :scared:
    :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon: :bacon:

  7. gimmethegepgun

    Will there be some kind of quick indication (like in or next to the info balloon) if we’ve already caught that type of monster?

  8. Greg

    Wait. I’ve noticed something. When you summon the Wooden Idol, it blesses your whole party (even backup players it seems), but when you switch to Lance, the blessing is gone.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Well spotted, this is indeed a bug. Status effects seem to fade twice as fast in standby for some reason.

    1. Gman Shadow

      Nobody replyed to my co(smic monolith)ment in a week ! WOW ! ❗ Are your :phone: ‘s deactivated?

  9. Leroy

    Not catch Matt says Eat them all Natalie is save them all Lance is shoot them all and Anna is maime them all

  10. Leroy

    OMFG thank u soooo much for this! I was so curiouse on how this was gonna work!
    Also do u find boxes buy boxes or do u have an infinite amount of boxes.
    And specifically what kind of monsters can’t be captured?

  11. RPG_Lover

    Woah, I freaking knew it, when you said “new feature about how summon work” I thought, will you be able to capture them…? Nah, there’s no way, or maybe there is…? No, no, no, no, It just cannot be true… I wasn’t liking some designs as I loved the ones from EBF3 and EBF4, but keeping in mind this is a pre-Alpha, and this new feature, this game is gonna be one of the best games of (hopefully) 2017. No regrets about this long wait.

  12. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Matt: “Alright team, we’ve whittled down this skeletal dragon, let’s catch em!”
    *Box is thrown over skelly dragon*
    Matt: “Alright we did it! We caught him!”
    Natz: “But… what about the rest of the dragon? It’s never on screen.”
    Anna: “Yeah, how are we sure we caught it?”
    Matt: :scared:

  13. 246vipfreezeray

    an amazing concept i did not expect this at all
    i knew you liked pokemon but wow
    will this only work on foes if they are low health?

    1. Vítor

      Yes, Matt said so in response to a comment in the video. And you can capture multiple of the same monster.

  14. Voidsword

    Is there a limit to how many summons you can have at any one time? If not, implementing a scroll bar or ‘next page’ button might be useful. At current, it looks like 12-15 summons fit tops before obscuring the background or characters, assuming the rows are fixed at 3 before next line – there’s certainly more space horizontally, at least on the depicted resolution.

    In any case, more varied summons are certainly welcome, although the costs seem very randomized.

    1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

      I would assume it functions like the Final Fantasy 5 Beast Tamer’s “Capture” ability, wherein you “catch” a weakened foe, and upon using the ability again, the creature comes out and uses one of its signature moves. As such, I’d hazard a guess and say Capture is the summon move, and you can only use it on one enemy at a time, rather than Capture being your new means of getting summons. If it IS the latter, and you get multiple Capture abilities while you go through the game, you build up your summons by picking the cream of the crop during your adventures. Here’s to White Wind, the greatest Blue Magic/Capture ability you can get in FF5!

      1. GC19

        Because you also even get to name your summon, I do not believe you can only do one at a time, but there may be a limit…

  15. Phoenix

    Can the capture feature capture bosses?
    In EBF4 Bosses did become summons once beaten (although not all became summons) so its quite confusing in that regard.
    Also does the capture mechanic depend on difficulty the game is being played and status conditions applied on monster capture is used?
    Also does capture consider monsters that have buffed themselves ? Like if a monster has evade up or some other particular stat does it decrease chance of capture? and does the opposite (decreased stat=easier catch) hold true as well?
    So many questions not enough answers :stars: :stars: :stars:
    But hey now we have another and more fun way to not require the dex
    (still reminds me of Pokémon though)
    :love2: :love2: :shades: :shades: :love2: :love2:

    1. Vítor

      Matt said in response to a comment in the video that “bosses are not immune”, so we’ll probably be able to capture bosses too, but of course, it’ll probably be very hard to.

      Think of it as trying to catch Mewtwo in the secret dungeon in FireRed.

      1. Phoenix

        Catching mewtwo brings back memories.
        So wait is it gonna be like pokemon where each creature has a particular stat which tracks capture rate? Like how legendary pokémon (and the Metagross family) have a catch rate of 3/255?
        Also adding to the last comment will there be items/badges/upgrades which improve capture chance?
        cause i would hate it if i need to spend a hour to capture something i really like and it also tends to have the lowest capture rate :P.
        (and why do i get the feeling there is going to be a monster which has a 1 in 1 million chance of capture going to be added?)
        :shades: :shades: :shades: :shades:

        1. Kay

          (and why do i get the feeling there is going to be a monster which has a 1 in 1 million chance of capture going to be added?) well… i feel that too… maybe its because we know how matt is…. and how much he likes to add this tipe of things(remember spear of creation and sword of destruction?)

          1. GC19

            final boss: 1/1E9001 chance of being added. Then he/she/it will join your party in EBF6 like EBF3, 4, and 5. :shades:

          2. Phoenix

            Dont even remind me of Lance of Creation and Blade of Destruction Kay 0_0. I tried a lot of stuff to find out if there was ANY way to get those weapons :bleh: 😥
            Then i read the wiki stating they are unobtainable. I dont know if they even had complete viewmodels or not 0-0.
            Which reminds me is NoLegs stronger than The Godcat? He seems to be able to wield weapons when Godcant cant. (Other cats can but they are much weaker than him)
            It would be amazing if Monster Encyclopedia shows difficulty of capture and make clever hints if monsters are captureable. (??? for Impossible Level Capture Rate and N/A for no capture rate and just words like ‘Low’ ,’High’ and ‘Normal’).
            (still salty over LoC and BoD having a 0% drop rate 😡 😡 )

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