26 thoughts on “EBF5: Showing off some New Equips

  1. Random Guy

    In EBF4, you pick two characters and give them all your love. Why?
    Matt and Nat has the best offensive skills by far (the holy and dark skills, and legend). I see the skills are mostly similar in EBF5. AND the stat items makes you neglect at least some of your characters in serious gameplay as you give all the attack/magic attack items to two of your characters. You take 1~2 offensive actions per turn, never 3, and so you don’t need attack on a third character under any circumstances.
    Hope there’s some balance to make the other characters viable (I mostly use them for buffs/debuffs).

  2. Kinizan

    Hey, Matt, wondrous work so far with equips, summons, animations, and art for the game. I gotta say, adding No Legs into the mix looks REALLY fun. Now, I gotta say, have you ever thought of making a fighter game? I mean, with your skills, that’d be pretty cool to see. :hurray:

  3. matt

    I just love how *smooth* the gameplay looks. I’ll be purchasing the premium version the instant you put it out. Cheers

  4. matheus

    Matt by curiosity ebf5 will have portuguese translation equal ebf 4? Is that I am Brazilian and would love to play with subtitles and everything else :hurray:

  5. The illusionist

    No legs seems kinda op with all his attacks and damage but hey i could be wrong
    if your desperate for ideas i would suggest you do some sort of penalty like when Matt does a certain skill which made him Tired obviously not as severe since it is his attack.
    Just a suggestion feel free to criticize me 😐

  6. Shraderc.inc

    Weather= falling stars

    when will this be used :scared:

    again though, i hope that Nolegs and Anna become useful (i didnt find use of them in EBF4)

    1. Phoenix

      I found too much use out of Anna’s Evade skill tbh and also NoLegs was a early game summon that was cheap and very effective when you just didnt want to deal with the Grunts.

  7. Dewayne Thomas

    Most of the attacks don’t seem like they have alot of impact on the enmies, sound wise. An yet my ears won’t stop bleeding after hearing the bass drop with closed headphones on. Natalies additional sword through the ground attack is what every attack should sound more like, with that hard impact you’d expect. It’s mostly noticeable in matt’s extra attack with the lightning ball, it juss feels like soft carress. :tongue:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Most of the spells in previous games were crazy loud, so I lowered the volume on most of them. That lightning ball is particularly quiet though – I’ll fix that one.

      1. Dewayne Thomas

        I reread my comment and the part with the bleeding ears was because of the bass in the music. It’s my closed headphones that make the bass pop more though I realized after going back an testing EBF4. The lightning bolt seems low impact in that one too. And natalies magic prep sound effect almost knocked me unconscious:) Looks like she’s gonna be a melee fighter from now on.
        On another note, not that you would care but figure i’d say it. I’m doing a no stat boost run on epic and got stuck on rainbow rafflasia last time I tried this. Well this time I killed it in one shot (good dice rolls i guess?) and got through the dark clones pretty well. Haven’t tried the top of battle mountain yet mostly out of fear. Are the dice rolls going to be a factor in this one as much as the last? The ones that effect additional moves always bothered me when I’m counting on them to finish off a foe and it not landing. Damn you lightning ball :shades: well played.

    1. Phil

      Probably random non-elemental damage, a la lucky star. Extra random now, cuz you don’t know who it’s going to hit.

    1. Vítor

      Eu imagino que seja traduzido, já que o 4 foi traduzido. Ele deve pedir ajuda mais pra frente no entanto, já que não é ele que traduz, são voluntários. Quem sabe você não ajuda?

  8. Radene

    Beholder-on-a-stick. Is that the result of Natalie’s hopes of “not getting pregnant from that” not reaching fruition?

  9. Phoenix

    So moves that hit multiple times now just have a cooldown rather than a penalty?
    Thats amazing 0_0.
    Also on the note of Equips
    A Golden Axe which by all means should be holy actually inflicts Bad Luck
    Beholder on a stick applies poison. Seems fair.
    Also in the first screen does lance have a new Buff or is that a old one reskinned?
    Also finally a new Darkness Blade for Matt. The only dark blade for Matt i even liked was Devil’s Sunrise. (Anarchy was cool and all but Matt was my meatshield and the Defense and Magic Defense drop was too harsh at the time for me)
    Also Natalie with a Axe? A Lightning Axe yeah but still. Seems weird to see Natalie with any sort of weapon meant to be used up close and personal (or chucked at a enemy)
    Quick question. Is NoLegs Supposed to be a character who finishes a enemy off and then moves onto the next one?
    An 8Bit Neutral Sword and Shield for NoLegs and we see that NoLegs can summon fishbones to attack.
    Also so now we have enemies that control other enemies attacks.
    Didnt really get to see the Blasters Lance uses tbh tho. Only got to see the pistols.
    But still pretty amazing to see some old weapon being redesigned and new weapons looking good. (except Natalie’s Axe. That still looks just odd to me) :ooo:
    :hurray: :hurray: :hurray: :hurray: :hurray:

  10. lolero222

    Matt i made a 8-bit fanart were i post it???
    Because i want to have my fanart in your page :smirk:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Post it somewhere public and send me a link, or just email me at kupo707 at hotmail.com.

      1. lolero222

        ok tks math is my first 8-bit image so its not too good im doing other ones who are getting better


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