Over 100 foes programmed!

I’ve programmed over 100 foes now, but I’ve left the bosses and big enemies for last, so the pace is slowing down a bit now. Here’s some fun stuff I’ve done recently:

Monoliths now start using some new attacks if you block their nuclear strategy (either with syphon or with resistant armor). ¬†Only on hard or epic mode though, I don’t want to torture normal players.

The new man-eating plant enemies are pretty fun, because they’ve got an interesting combination of elements. The lava plant can use fire and water attacks, and the seaweed plant uses water and electric!

9 thoughts on “Over 100 foes programmed!

  1. Crepo7351

    Lance: Now I REALLY hate nature!
    Anna: For once, I agree…

  2. Radene

    Man-eating plants, huh? Something tells me Lance will have a particularly shocked reaction towards them but that’s just a guess.

    1. Radene

      That’s impossible. The monoliths would fire their lazors at him for that transgression. The fourth wall can’t save you from them. It can’t save their creator from them.

  3. SomaSam

    You were talking about wanting to go easy on the new behavior mechanics in battle for this game, but honestly I think it’d be a real nice breath of fresh air to see even more of these new interactions. Even if most of them are only activated for hard and epic difficulty, that still makes otherwise normal fights turn into a much more tactical operation. Its a clever use of enemy behavior and the status system to make the fights feel much more ‘alive’. Plus some of these combinations of behaviors and skills sound just honestly really fun to mess around with.

    I’m also really glad you made some of these harder interactions unique to the harder difficulties, so that the difficulty modifier isn’t just a flat stat buff. Usually I just play on easy, then turn it up to epic when its a special hard looking ‘normal’ fight (monoliths, golems, or 3+ waves of enemies), or for a boss fight. But with all these interactions for normal enemies, I might just play through it all on epic to get the full experience.


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